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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of January 29th

Reported by Janie - February 5, 2007 -

After it was revealed during the Scooter Libby trial last week that Vice President Dick Cheney may have had a large role in the outing of former CIA Agent Valerie Plame, Fox News went on the offensive by attacking Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald for his role in the investigation. With 30% of last week's vote, Brit Hume won last week's Outrageous Quote for doing just that.

"It is a crime, Chris. And prosecutors every day are presented an array of instances in which they can see a crime. They prosecute a few of them. And it is what is called prosecutorial discretion. It is a critical part of the job which charges to bring and which charges not to bother with. Here, clearly, when you look at the scope of what he was supposed to be investigating, is a case in which he brought forth not something not very major." - Brit Hume attempting to discredit prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, "Fox News Sunday", 1/28/07

For this week's selection, take a look below the jump!

Option A: "My own FOX on the Spot. Al Gore. He's already been nominated for the Nobel Prize. I think he's going to get it, not because he's into global warming, but because he's into bashing the President and they love that stuff in Sweden. Ben, what do you think of that?" - Neil Cavuto

"I'm not a big fan of Al Gore. I really think he should be a subject for testing of mental disease drugs." - Ben Stein, actor, author, "Cavuto on Business", 2/3/07

Option B: "When Clinton was in office, people felt like they were doing better and that's simply because of the media." - Charles Payne during a roundtable discussion on "Your World w/Neil Cavuto" regarding allegedly biased, anti-Bush media coverage of economic issues, 2/1/07

Option C: E-mail: "How can the spin be stopping on the O'Reilly Factor when all we hear about is the far-left? Why do we not hear about the far-right?"

O'Reilly: "Fair question, sir. Far right's been marginalized in this country. The establishment press ignores them and there are few elected officials who fit that profile. So there's not much going on in far-rightville. If there were, we would tell you about it." - Bill O'Reilly, "The O'Reilly Factor", 1/29/07

Option D: "No, I don't think so. We tried [...] We basically supported the Bush policy in the Middle East...but we have been very critical of his execution." - Rupert Murdoch admitting to pro-Bush propaganda, 2/2/07

Option E: "NBC has lost over two million viewers since Peter Jennings stepped down and then Tom Brokaw, his show has lost about, I don’t know, two million viewers." - Julie Banderas, "The O'Reilly Factor", 1/30/07