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O'Reilly on the articulate factor

Reported by Chrish - February 5, 2007 -

In a segment on the Factor tonight 2/05/07 Marc Lamont Hill, Ph. D. and Bill O'Reilly discussed the recent comments about Barack Obama's articulateness. Apparently Joe Biden is not the only person receiving flak for well-intentioned remarks: Neil Cavuto's interview with George Bush last week yielded the same compliment and some people are offended at the perceived inference that it is remarkable that a black man is well-spoken, a "little credit to your race," (as Chicago Tribune columnist Dawn Turner Trice wrote.)

O'Reilly was stunned at that conclusion and said white people are now terrified of saying the wrong thing. Dr. Hill, who teaches Urban Education at Temple University, said (paraphrasing) that whether or not such a remark is a compliment or an expression of surprise and bewilderment depends on the source. Coming from Bush, who said he "rails against the soft bigotry of low expectations", it was a low-ball compliment.

O'Reilly understands: "There's a lot of condescension in the white establishment community toward black people in this country. It's true." Declaring that this is the no-spin zone, he says that instead of black and white Americans coming together, white Americans are terrified. "Now we can't even say you're articulate, we can't even give you guys compliments because they may be taken as condescending?"

Dr. Hill said that the discomfort is because white Americans are being made to confront their own racial stereotyping, and a call to reassess their judgments of the larger masses of black people.

Narcissist O'Reilly of course makes it about him and asks if Hill knows how often his (BOR's) intelligence is called into question? Hill, with a grin, replied "I can't imagine why!" The difference is that it does not affect the way other whites are seen. When O'Reilly murmured, well, I don't know about that.... Hill said

"When I watch you on television, I don't say that all white people are condescending, or all white people are uncivil, or all white people talk over other people - not to say that you do those things (with another grin), that's just an example..."
but his point is that Barack Obama represents something larger and everyday black people who have achieved a certain level of education or money, are often called articulate. He made the final point that none of the other candidates have the word articulate attached to them; Obama does because it is perceived as something new, and noteworthy, and it shouldn't be.

Comment: Well, nobody is ever going to say that about Bush, or O'Reilly, or Gibson, or Hannity....

Dr. Hill was the perfect guest to blow away any misperceptions that Obama is somehow alone in the articulate black man category, and funny, and - O'Reilly wouldn't say it but I will - good-looking too.