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John Gibson Insults Viewers With Campaign Against Global Warming Initiatives

Reported by Deborah - February 5, 2007 -

John Gibson must think his viewers are so ignorant about global warming issues that they will eagerly swallow anything he serves up on the issue. Today on Big Story he had Mark Steyn, author of America Alone, actually claim that global warming doesn't exist and there was only the slightest hint that Gibson didn't agree with him. Guess Gibson didn't consult the FOX Poll taken on 1/31/07 showing 82% believe global warming exists while only 10% disagree.

Gibson brought up the extremes in temperatures this winter wondering if it was convenient to blame global warming. Steyn claimed it was all perfectly normal for temperatures to vary from -42 to the 50s in winter spouting the talking point about how in the 70s people were predicting another ice age.

Then Steyn got to his real message saying that the notion of global warming and climate change is " the religion of the left". Gibson asked about the melting polar ice and Steyn dismissed it offering up more talking points that have been heard too often at this point. He pointed out that ice is melting in some places and thickening in others and added with scientific authority, " The planet heats up and cools down."

Marc Morano was on Big Story on 2/2/07 to counter the major news coming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that released Friday. Morano claimed the report was purely political and not scientific acting as if it was a ploy by the UN. In fact, the Christian Science Monitor reported that this first report was entirely scientific and other related issues will be addressed in the future reports to be issued by the panel.

"The new report, which focuses on the science of climate change, is the first of three main volumes the IPCC will release this year, plus a final "synthesis report." The document the IPCC unveiled Friday (available at ipcc.ch) in Paris is the first volume's short form – the summary for policymakers."

Mark Steyn"s charge that concerns about global warming is a " religion of the left" seems especially ridiculous considering there were representaties at the meeting from 113 countries including the United States. The Christian Science Moniitor reported:

"But beyond detailing current and projected effects of warming – including sea-level rise, vanishing alpine glaciers, and increases in severe-weather events – the report hints at the need for a conscious control over the environment and a unity of purpose that humans have yet to achieve on such an enormous scale."

comment: This conservative mindset that once had a hold on too many intelligent minds in this country now appears ridiculous bordering on pathetic.