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Full-Bore Propaganda Today on Your World

Reported by Melanie - February 5, 2007 -

The first half hour of Your World w/Neil Cavuto - Fox's farce of a "business news" show - was an unrelenting parade of propaganda today (February 5, 2007) and despite the lies and misstatements, "journalist" and Fox vice president Cavuto was right there, fueling it and cheering it on.

The show began with a segment blaming Americans for "hurting our troops" because they, together with the New York Times, are "surge naysayers," as the chyron at the bottom of the screen read.

Cavuto's first guest was Winston S. Churchill III. Cavuto introduced Churchill by saying that a headline in the Times "all but blames America for the single worst suicide bombing in Iraq since the war began" and wondering whether, "all this is hurting our troops and their morale?"

Churchill, a staunch conservative, said it must be "unnerving" to hear the "failure of will, the lack of resolve." Cavuto wondered if they know "it's politics," and Churchill said yes, but the "flip side of the coin is it gives enormous encouragement to our enemies." The know that all they have to do is "wait a couple of years" and they'll be the "masters of Iraq" and will be able to build "bigger, better training bases" -- while controlling "like 40% of the world's oil reserves" -- "and then to mount direct attacks on Europe and the United States." They will use "the 4th largest oil reserves" to "fund their campaign of global terrorism against us." We're "paving the way for a cataclysmic defeat because the 9/11's that will come will be on a megascale compared to what we've seen now."

With that, Cavuto moved on to the next segment without going to a break. His second guest was Debbie Argel Bastian, a "Gold Star Mom," whose son was killed in Iraq in 2005. She was on to talk about Hillary Clinton's announcement that, if elected president, she will end the Iraq war if George Bush doesn't. Cavuto also began this segment by asking about troop morale. Bastian said the, "troops are mad." They want to hear some "good, positive feedback from the U.S. and the media...once again, is turning on the troops." She said Clinton's talk of pulling out is, "nothing but politics," and if she, "comes on the scene in 18 months or so, it will be disastrous for the United States" because "right now, Iran is planning a missile near a city near you or me," so we need to stay there to "be watchdogs."

Bastain said the "troops are bitter because of what they're hearing out of the media...the media does not want to listen to us." She said she will make sure all overseas troops have the opportunity to vote in the next election, "and it will not be for Mrs. Clinton" because she, "banned the military uniform from the White House" in l995. That is a lie floated as early as 1993 by conservatives and believed to this day by those who don't care to look into it for themselves, but Cavuto left open the possibility: "By the way Debbie, the Clintons dispute that. I guess we could be here for a while debating it." It's not open to debate Neil. It didn't happen!

Anyway, Bastien went on to say that she will vote for McCain because, "we are almost certainly going to go to war with Iran" and he won't, "retreat, back-up and say I'm willing to be president but not commander-in-chief." Cavuto let her remark about Iran stand.

Cavuto thanked her for her "real, sober perspective." and said "we can never forget your son's courage, or yours!"

Next came a segment captioned with this chyron: "Deep Freeze Grips America: Proof Global Warming is a Lie," with guest Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center's, "Business & Media Institute." Gainor said, "this weather event proves just how ludicrous the media coverage has been." A month ago, "they were telling us that this brief warm spell meant that we were all going to die."

Cavuto wondered why we're "so obsessed with this," and why we're "forcing and thrusting on companies these huge expenses to address the situation" Gainor "says doesn't exist?" Gainor said because what "a lot of scientists are actually saying is that we don't know." He said even the UN "climate change report" says it's "mostly likely or they say, largely a percentage," but then "Lou Dobbs says well, we're only going to say mankind is to blame and then we're going to talk about what can be done." We really need to hear "both sides."

Cavuto wondered whether this cold snap will "dissuade the global warmists" or will they "keep pushing the cause?" Gainor said, "nothing dissuades them at this point." They are going, "to make sure that America signs on to some kind of world pack and wreck the American economy to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year because they are on a mission...to stick a thumb in the eye of conservatives everywhere."

Hey, what's the matter? The show isn't even half over yet!

Next came a segment that Cavuto introduced with, "All you have to make now for some Democrats to consider you rich is $200,000 a year." Cavuto's guests were radio talk show hosts Steve Malzberg and Leslie Marshall and the discussion centered on John Edwards' plan to free up money for health care coverage by abolishing President Bush's tax cuts for people who make more than $200,000 a year.

Malzberg launched the "discussion" by saying that the amount is a "moving target." He said Edwards is, "so out of touch with reality. He talks about two Americas." He, "lives in the America that most of us can't touch."

Campbell said the "Republicans are out of touch." She talked about "middle class erosion" and reminded viewers that Bush "called the rich his base." She said, "$200,000 and up is certainly wealthy."

Back to Malzberg again, who said, "It depends on where you live." If you have, "two cars, and car insurance and you're trying to save for your kids' education and you have kids in school to begin with and retirement...$200,000 is not rich." (Tell that to people who are trying to pay for all those things on $70,000 per year much less $30,000.)

Cavuto wondered if this was "just screwed class warfare?" Campbell said, "If it is class warfare" then the Republicans have waged "war against the have-nots." Malzberg confirmed that yes, it was class warfare and Cavuto wrapped up the segment with this zinger: The "history on class warfare" is that "it doesn't work." A "lot of people in this country, you know, they kinda like rich people."

Comment: After a roundtable about the "Budget Fight: Crunching the Numbers, Crunching Security?;" a segment featuring a woman who is pushing for a minimum wage hike for each and every employee in the United States (including "illegals"); the farcical 90-second "Fox Stox," and a segment about American Idol, Cavuto closed the show with this Common Sense segment: Don't think you'll ever be rich? Try telling that to some Democrats. There you have it -- mere minutes in the life of "fair and balanced" Fox News. (And this goes on hour after hour after day after day.)