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Fox Military Analyst - Some Positive Signs In Iraq

Reported by Donna - February 5, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with retired Army Major General Donald Edwards about the war in Iraq. Smith asked Edwards if there were positive signs in Iraq and Edwards said yes there were some positive signs.

Smith said that Iraqi troops backed by U.S. troops were rolling into Bagdhad. Smith said that Bush said there were positive signs in Iraq. He switched to a video of Bush who said there were good signs, a sense of concern and anxiety, he said it means the government thinks it has a responsibility to protect it's people.

Edwards said the positive signs he saw were of General Petreus going into the theater. He said he had a strong staff and said he was very successful in northern Iraq and is a specialist in counter insurgency. The bad news is whether the Iraqis have the will to do this for themselves.

Smith said that the insurgents may just melt away and wait for us to go away and Edwards agreed that this was a standard insurgency technique. Smith said there was a sectarian war, and Al Qaeda war and a civil war going on at the same time.

Edwards said the important thing was for the population to feel secure and it was going to take the Iraqis to do that. He added that they had to have an economy to put the people to work.
Edwards added that it would be hard for us to get out of there by the end of September. He said this was a long hard push ahead for us.

Comments: Seems the president thinks that the Iraqis being concerned and anxious were positive signs and Edwards said the presence of Petreus is what was a positive sign. (Comment: Seems like there is a lot riding on the Iraqis being concerned and on General Petreus' shoulders)

With over a hundred people getting killed on Saturday, I don't see much positive to go on. Perhaps like Smith explained, the insurgents will simply hide away during our *surge* and come back after its done. After all, they have forever to wait, we, however, are on borrowed time.