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Bush - Reaching Out To Democrats On Budget? Not!

Reported by Donna - February 5, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer they started a segment with these words splashed across the screen:

2007 Budget Sent To Congress

Bush Reaching Out To Democratic Leadership Ahead of Budget Debate

While Hemmer reinforced this with also speaking the words that the president was trying to reach some common ground with the Democrats.

His guests for the segment were Democratic Stategist, Doug Schoen and former Republican Oklahoma Senator, Don Nickles.

Hemmer asked Schoen what the Democrats were willing to give the President. Schoen said they were willing to give the president a chance but they were not going to go for cuts to social programs which is what the president has in his budget. (Fox then put the banner up 'Charm Offensive' to speak about the president reaching out to the Democrats) Schoen also added that the Democrats were not going to assume that the cost for the war was going to go down (according to the president's budget). He also added that Democrats would not go for continuing the tax cuts as that would affect the deficit in 2012. He said that was dead on arrival.

Hemmer asked the former Republican Senator, Nickles, what he would then work for, he said a stalemate helps no one. Nickles said if the Democrats want to have any success this year it was going to require President Bush's signature. He said the president had already reached out to the Democrats, he went to their retreat in Williamsburg over the weekend. (Comment: And this is reaching out, how?) Nickles said he thinks they will do somethings on healthcare, education, immigration and energy. Nickles would like to see something done on Social Security.

Hemmer asked Schoen if he was as optimistic. He said he wasn't. He said the whole question of funding for the war was under question and Democrats were not going to buy into the assumption that costs for the war were going to come down by 2/3. Hemmer asked him if he thought that Democrats benefitted from a stalemate. Schoen said Democrats don't want a stalemate but if the tax cuts were allowed to go forward and if there were draconian cuts on medicare and medicaid, Democrats were just not going to be as concilatory as Senator Nickles hoped.

Hemmer then said that Kent Conrad, a Democrat from North Dakota said that the budget was filled with death and deception and disconnected from reality and Hemmer wanted to know what Nickles thought about that.

Nickles said the facts were the deficit has been coming down in spite of the expensive war and the tax cuts are working and there's been federal growth and jobs created. He said he thought they could be successful in coming up with a balanced budget by 2012.

Comments: Always the Republican points out the job growth but doesn't say what types of jobs are being created. Aren't most of them service jobs since manufacturing has gone overseas?

Sounds to me that even though Fox is pushing that Bush is reaching out to Democrats, he's doing no such thing. He's taiking about keeping the tax cuts for the rich and cutting social programs -- how is this reaching out to the Democrats? The whole time the segment ran Fox had the banner - Bush Reaching Out To Democrat Leadership and the words *Charm Offensive* like Bush was doing everything, when in fact he wasn't reaching out at all but trying to continue his agenda with no thoughts to what the Democrats want.