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Enema of the Week - week 2

Reported by Chrish - February 4, 2007 -

Well, we've already outlasted John Gibson's ill-fated "Nitwit of the week" feature, which was awarded exactly once. In a fitting irony, this week's award goes to John Gibson, whose latest campaign exposes him as completely full of, well, in dire need of an award.

Gibson's crusade is to annoy the Bush Justice Department into administering a polygraph test to former Clinton security advisor Samuel "Sandy" Berger, or as FOX likes to call him, "Sandy Burglar."

Gibson has been hosting big fantasies about "new developments" in the closed case that rely heavily on words like "could have", "may have" and "might have." He is counting the days, literally, since the plea bargain and announcing it daily in his "count of shame." What's truly shameful is speculation and conjecture masquerading as "news" on a national network. Take it like a man, Gibson.

He's been assisted in spreading this rumor by the Wall Street Journal's John Fund, who is hereby awarded the runner-up prize of a pint of prune juice.