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Our Hate Mail

Reported by Ellen - February 3, 2007 -

Since I've got a respite from Hannity & Colmes, I thought it would be a good time to dig through our hate mail. Here's another sampling.

We still get mail for FOX News. Sometimes, we're not sure who the writer is trying to reach.

Why should I spend another minute of my time listening to Laura Schwartz, who just this evening (1-9-07) said "should have went" on Hannity & Colmes? If she doesn't know grammar school verbs, how can I trust anything else she claims to know?


This was addressed to one of my colleagues.

aw--i see your whoring around with jane fonda..hell she slept with every movie guy there ever was and that included trigger and silver...and it looks like you do the same..bet you got a big mouth from trying to get around them horses..seems like the only thing you know(and that isnt much) is write about fox news..you seem to be jealous of the good reporting and the good looking intelligent women they have on the show..all of them are well educated..the only thing you are educated in is like fondo(a) is with a horse...

This guy wrote this threatening email:

It amazes me why assholes like you are even alive anymore. Everything a fucking liberal like you say is dignified, but if you don't like it, it is in the gutter. And now that the assholes are in charge we get micromanagement of our lives. Democrats trying to ban smoking in cars with kids in them and spanking under four year olds. And now trans fat restaurant bans. It is up to individual people to decide this stuff. Walking out your door is dangerous, when will that ban take effect. You talk about people's civil rights and then try to take away as many as possible. It is time to have a exterminate a liberal day each week. Just think how much that will help improve world wide health.


After I reported him to his ISP, who also happened to be his employer, the guy had the audacity to complain that I refused to have a friendly debate:

You know it makes me laugh. Anytime I have tried to email your site
or any other liberal website and tried to have an open debate I either
get no response what so ever, or a response telling me how I am stupid
or useless because I don't believe in liberal views. It is amazing how
fast you get a response when you send nasty email to liberals. I can
send emails to anyone who is a moderate or a conservative and they will
answer my emails whether I agree with them or not. It is fine to have
any website you like but when all you do is slander and attack everyone
you don't like you are beyond pathetic.


So is your organization Anti-America, or just Commies in general?


All I can say is IF YOU IDIOTS ARE ANOINTING JULIE BANDERAS AS "THE WORST", THEN CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIE! I consider that high praise if she is 180 degrees away from you and your ilk. Of course she knew Jennings had died...I was with her when she heard that comment from you and she was irate that you twisted and omitted for your desperate back-water-station publicity. She's #1, thanks to YOU!...when you're someday soon doing 6:00 am announcements for a local radio station in E. Overshoe, she'll still be #1 in NYC!