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John Gibson And Stud Muffin Discuss Shooting Up Steroids

Reported by Deborah - February 2, 2007 -

John Gibson must really need to boost his ratings because today on Big Story he did a segment on Danny Bonaduce's great body. The tease shot showed Bonaduce naked from the waist up in a weight lifters flex pose with the chyron beneath, Stud Muffin and the next beefcake shot was labeled, Bod-a-duce. Gibson seemed all amused asking stud muffin how he got his great body. It's hard to imagine that Gibson was prepared for Bod-a-duce's success story about shooting up steroids in the bathroom of a gym.

He explain that while preparing for his reality show he wanted to get into shape in case he was seen in just a towel. While working out, he claimed someone asked if he could use some help so he went with this guy into the bathroom where he injected something into his thigh. Bonaduce, acting as if this was all zany but endearing behavior, said he decided to read the vial calling it " light reading" and discovered it was veternarian grade testosterone which he continued to take claiming it made him big and strong.

Bonaduce did express regret but no remorse about taking the steroids. He explained that steroids caused water retention and other problems so he stopped taking them. Gibson broke in quite flustered holding up a doctored photo of his own head on a weight lifter's body. Of course it fell flat because everyone was gasping from Bonaduce's bizarre performance. Gibson immediately gave stud muffin a " Gotta Go" wiping him from the screen.