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Fox Buries Facts That Contradict its Fantasies

Reported by Melanie - February 2, 2007 -

I don't know what it was -- the full Moon? That it's Friday? Or maybe that the news surrounding the Bush administration is so overwhelmingly bad -- but Your World w/Neil Cavuto was a snoozer today (February 2, 2007). I was interested though to see how, or if, Cavuto would cover one piece of info, the Labor Department's January employment report.

The reason I was interested was because on Monday, in a roundtable discussion about the "Picture Perfect Economy?," Fox financial gal Dagen McDowell said this about what the report would say:

I think it's astounding that people stormed the stores over the holiday season, raided Best Buy and all these electronic retailers buying big TVs and now they're still going on and spending money and that's it. They have money. Wages are growing at the fastest pace in years, like six years. Strong job market -- you're going to see that come Friday with the January jobs report -- and they're spending it.

I waited and waited and finally, 49 minutes into today's show, Cavuto reported on that "strong job market:"

111,000 more Americans jumping on company payrolls in January. A little less than expected. The unemployment rate now at 4.6%. Still means more than 95% of us are working.

Comment: On Monday, the "picture perfect economy" discussion (a full segment) aired at approximately 4:20 p.m. ET, whereas today's actual news, which didn't quite support Fox's "picture perfect" scenario, aired at 4:49 p.m. ET. And it didn't get its own segment. It was tucked into "Fox Stox," a roughly 90-second blur during which Cavuto talks very fast while whipping through a variety of business news headlines. You know the routine -- a whole segment for the propaganda, a few seconds for the facts.