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"War of the Worlds" Boston-Style. FOX Hosts Drool Over Prospect of Time Warner Execs in Jail.

Reported by Marie Therese - February 1, 2007 -

This morning during FOX News Live (and interminably since), FOX News, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, has covered the "explosive" story of a "botched publicity stunt" engineered by those nefarious nabobs of anti-Americanism, the Cartoon Network! The FOX hosts were almost salivating as they interviewed various legal experts and discussed possible prison sentences for big wigs at Turner Broadcasting and its parent company, Time Warner. As everyone knows, Time Warner is one of News Corporation's biggest rivals in the media business. As for the actual event itself, it would seem that the people of Boston need to get a life and take a breather. (Add stereophonic sound, reverb) The W- w-a-a-r-r-r on Ter-r-r--or-or-or-or has clearly rendered them incapable of rational thought. Shades of the famous Orson Welles' broadcast of the War of the Worlds!

Are the people of Boston so debilitated with fear that they honestly believe that terrorists - who live in the shadows and depend on stealth and subterfuge to hide their surprise attacks - would choose to attach bombs to colorful neon cartoon characters mounted around the city?

Gimme a break. Bon fide terrorists would have used plain paper bags and old whiskey bottles placed in restrooms or taped the C4 under seats in the subway, where NO ONE COULD SEE THEM!!!

And let's face it. These things had been placed there two weeks ago. New Yorkers didn't panic, even though there were forty placed throughout that city.

As for the Boston police, it seems strange that they'd shut down the downtown area of Boston, when the bomb squad could have verified very quickly that the Aqua Teen Hunger Force * characters were harmless.

The real reason FOX has hyped this story is because it makes a competitor look bad. In addition to Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner owns CNN.

'Nuf said!

In the meantime, the following media-related stories did not get any airtime on FOX News Live this morning.

Molly Ivins, 62, died of breast cancer yesterday. Ivins was a national treasure, the caustic, witty columnist who skewered Texas politicians, including those that moved away. She is the genius who coined the word "Shrub" for the current occupant of the White House. We will miss her sanity and humanity.

Al Franken has left his Air America show to run for Senate in Minnesota against incumbent Norm Coleman. He will be replaced by Thom Hartmann.

Air America has potentially found a buyer in the form of tycoon Stephen Green of SL Green Realty.

Anderson Cooper clobbered Greta van Susteren in her time slot several times in the past two weeks. **

Updates, February 2, 2:16 AM EST

* "Aqua Swim" changed to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", the correct name of the cartoon character. H/T Krankor

** "Past week" changed to "past two weeks". Cooper beat Greta on January 25 and 26, 2007 and on 40 other occasions in 2006. H/T Johnny Dollar