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Studio B Still Stuck On Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Because It's Owned By Turner Broadcasting

Reported by Donna - February 1, 2007 -

Studio B was almost a repeat of yesterday. Yesterday they spent the whole hour on the suspicious packages in Boston. Today was part 2, 'It's All Turner Broadcasting's Fault.' Only they only spent about half their program on the story instead of the whole hour.

They started at the top of the hour with approximately 7 minutes of coverage saying how Turner Broadcasting and CNN were doing damage control. They talked about Turner Broadcasting and their response, Turner Broadcasting says it's sorry, the Turner Marketing scheme.

At 20 minutes after the hour they went back to the story, interviewed a Boston Councilwoman, and an ad man, plus they did a timeline of yesterday's coverage. This lasted until 40 minutes past the hour. The talk was filled with "Turner Network cost the city big time", "The Turner marketing idea runs amok" and even a sarcastic remark from Smith saying that "And Turner says we're sorry."

Comments: So, there you have it, almost half of the show was dedicated to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing scheme that was not only in Boston but up to 10 other cities. The words attributed to Turner Broadcasting were very terse and stern. They said how Turner had cost the city around $750,000 for the marketing scheme. Only the ad man made a remark about it being on the internet and many kids were aware of it and maybe the police should have someone on their force who is familiar with the culture.

Had this been a Fox affiliate would we have had such a stern and sober segment? We report, you decide.

Meanwhile ebay is selling the items that were found yesterday for between 275 dollars and 4,000 dollars and ratings are expected to be up for the cartoon. Is Fox's attention causing this?

Studio B did have an exclusive out of Iraq that Iraqi Generals may be involved in the deaths of 5 U.S. servicemen, but this story received just a 30 second blurb. Priorities, priorities.