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Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich Claim To Be Uniters, Not Dividers

Reported by Ellen - February 1, 2007 -

Yes, it’s true. Two of the most partisan commenters on FOX News, Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich, want nothing more than to hold hands with America and sing Kumbaya. But don’t expect Alan Colmes to break out the acoustic guitar on the Hannity & Colmes set anytime soon. He and the rest of the traitorous Democrats are nothing but an impediment to the poignant patriotism of the conservatives. With video.

In the first part of a double segment on last night's Hannity & Colmes (1/31/07), Gingrich told Colmes that he (Gingrich) will probably wait until September to announce his candidacy for president. Among other reasons, he said it would help him remain focused on the issues, rather than a campaign. He indicated he wanted to rise above the fray of what he predicted would be a very long and very nasty campaign.

Hannity began his first go-round with Gingrich with soft Hanctimony. “I share your goal, I think it’s a noble goal to elevate the dialogue. I think it’s important. These are very, very consequential times. Here’s where I am not as optimistic as you. I don’t believe the very people that have repeatedly been on a rampage attacking and undermining this president and this war effort, calling him everything of a liar and a failure any chance they get, I don’t believe the majority of people on the left are looking for solutions in Iraq, looking for solutions to the economy, are willing to have an intellectually honest dialogue with you. I think in an election season, ambition will trump any sense of reaching that goal. Tell me that I’m wrong.”

Gingrich started out looking like a real uniter. “I think the focus has to be on the American people.” Most Americans, Gingrich thought, would be “thrilled to have an idea-oriented, positive dialogue.”

Hannity was still in soft, sincere mode. “Listen, I’m focused in my life and I think when I say – and I’m on radio a lot every day and television every night and I gotta tell you something. I wish – if I had one regret since 9/11 – that the country’s not more united – right versus wrong, not left versus right. But the reality is that the level of meanness and shrillness and personal attack and very specifically aimed at the president. People not looking for solutions to the war in Iraq… I don’t know where we begin to dialogue with people that are that politically motivated.”

Gingrich was still the uniter but maybe not everyone should be singing Kumbaya. He said to look at this way: “The left is very shrill. Do we match their shrillness or do we put up solutions that are positive which contrast with their shrillness?”

Hannity said, “But then you’re talking about a monologue, not necessarily a dialogue.”

Gingrich was definitely not looking to hold hands with everyone. “Are they really gonna be petulant and negative and mean-spirited,” he began

“Yes!” Hannity-the-Uniter interjected.

Gingrich continued, “But how will the American people react. And how long would it take to realize – I think that’s a dead loser.”

I wonder if Alan Colmes got TMJ from having his jaw drop open at such talk. He said as the segment was ending, “It’s pretty mean-spirited when I’m told I’m not American or a traitor because I disagree with the policy at war.”

Hannity forsook the soft Hanctimony and demanded, in his bullyboy voice, “Who has ever said that? Who? Who?"

Colmes said, “Ever see my email?’

Hannity snapped, “No credible pundit or commentator has said that.”

Colmes said, “A lot of people, you know, suggest if you’re against the war you’re not supporting…”

Hannity interrupted. "WHO?"

Colmes sounded a little exasperated as he said “Dick Cheney has made comments like that.”

Hannity-the-Uniter insisted, “He has NEVER said that.”

No, Dick Cheney just said that Democrats make the country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. For example, on the October 24, 2006 edition of Hannity & Colmes, Cheney told Hannity, “Nancy (Pelosi) represents what I think is that side of the Democratic party that has not been supportive of and does not believe in a really robust prosecution of the global war on terror... The vast majority of Democrats on some of these key issues have voted against the tools that we’ve used to defend the country successfully now since 9/11 against further terrorist attacks… (Democratic criticisms of Bush’s policy) encourages our adversaries to believe that they’re correct. It, in effect, validates their strategy.”

It is other guests, such as Hannity’s pal Mark Levin, who have called Democrats traitors – either directly or by implication. For example, on November 2, 2006, Levin said, Every time (the liberals) take over the White House, they do social experiments with the military, they undermine the military, they cut the military’s budget. Why don’t you liberals just admit it? You don’t like the military. It’s all phony when you say you support the troops.” On October 31, 2006, Tom DeLay said, “The left has a disdain for the military… They’re dangerous... trying to undermine the will of the American people."

And on November 1, 2006, Newt Gingrich, himself, made this “elevated” remark: “It’s clear that the Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry wing of the Democratic Party has a visceral loathing for the American military and for, frankly, America as a country in the world. Their whole approach is to blame us for what, in fact, our enemies do.” Gingrich added, “I think it tells you how deep the sickness is in the left wing of the Democratic Party.”

On May 23, 2006, Hannity-the-Uniter teamed up with Kellyanne Conway to attack Congressman John Murtha, an outspoken critic of the war. Hannity said, “(Our enemies are) justifying violence against our troops because US Congressmen are out there saying that, ‘Hey, American troops are killing civilians in cold blood.’” Hannity offered no proof of that assertion.

Conway chimed in, “And then receiving awards… I feel those people will be partly responsible for what happens in Iraq.”

Comment: Gingrich and his fellow FOX News hate-mongers never explain how they know that opposition to the war strengthens the resolve and morale of our enemies but if it’s true, doesn’t it stand to reason that their vitriol against the majority of Americans who vote Democratic would do the same thing?

The video begins with Sean Hannity's portion of the discussion.