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Laura Ingraham Confronts O'Reilly About Sexist Agenda On FOX

Reported by Deborah - February 1, 2007 -

Laura Ingraham made Bill O'Reilly squirm with embarrassment when she confronted him tonight about all the sex laden videos on The O'Reilly Factor.. She asked him if there was a " rampant mid-life crisis" going on with the male anchors on FOX. " What's the purpose?, she asked. "We don't care about coffee shop babes".

Ingrahams comment about " coffee shop babes" refers to the segment about a drive through coffee shop with hooter type cashiers that FOX has run all week with videos shot from all the right angles.

Then she wanted to know why O'Reilly did a segment on naked parties at Brown? " Do you think that's a cultural phenomena?" She asked him why we needed to see the naked bodies at the party or why a bikini clad babe was needed for a plastic surgery segment? For once. O'Reilly was speechless.

Cavuto got the next well deserved scolding.for his " Girls Gone Wild" segments. O'Reilly joked, "He's demented" But Ingraham wasn't kidding and since nobody had ever called him on it before, he was stymied.

Ingraham's final comment was perfect, She asked BOR if he was a " T-Warror" and of course he eagerly agreed. " Then act like it!", she barked. Bill O' Reilly was busted tonight and I applaud Laura Ingraham.