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The John Edwards Narrative Continues on Special Report

Reported by Janie - January 31, 2007 -

As Chrish reported earlier this morning, one of the latest narratives on Fox is that 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate and anti-poverty advocate, John Edwards, is a hypocrite for owning an expensive home. This tale didn't just make it into last night's "Big Story", but just an hour later was also reported by Brit Hume on "Special Report" during his "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment.

Under a banner reading "$6 million House", Hume attacked:

"Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who is running on an anti-poverty platform, is facing questions about his $6 million estate near Chapel Hill, North Carolina."

Comment: Sure, he's facing questions - by Fox.

BH: "The Raleigh News and Observer says Edwards has been asked whether there is a contradiction between his home—which has a basketball and racquetball courts, along with a pool — and his pledge to reduce poverty. Edwards has said that he's been lucky — making millions as a trial lawyer. He has said feels the responsibility to help people help themselves. In his first presidential campaign, he was attacked for living in a Georgetown mansion while he was talking about two Americas — one rich and one poor."

Comment: Oh no! John Edwards owns a large home! Woe is me!

The point of this story seems non-existent, other than to report that a Presidential candidate has money - just like almost every other serious Presidential candidate in the history of the United States, and certainly just like the current President who has a massive personal fortune. I don't remember hearing anything about the Bush family's wealth and how that would affect his policies towards reducing poverty.

This segment, as well as the others focused on this story, are part of a desperate attempt to smear any Democratic Presidential candidate, as we have seen with the Obama madrassa/Hillary Clinton story.