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Since when is self-created wealth a negative on FOX? Since it's Democrat John Edwards'.

Reported by Chrish - January 31, 2007 -

Apparently the mud-slingers at FOX research can't come up with anything better than John Edwards was a successful trial lawyer and by dint of savvy business practice and good lawyering has become a multi-millionaire. Today 1/30/07 on the Big Story we got the "dirt" on the Edwards' sumptuous new home.

Gibson and his sole guest, Republican strategist Brad Blakeman, framed the issue as a matter of hypocrisy. Though they didn't use that word specifically, it's clear that is one of the messages, the other being that Edwards is "ashamed" of his wealth and lifestyle. They "question" whether one as wealthy as Edwards can live like the rich man he is and yet campaign as a champion of the poor. Gibson got a laugh from the staff when he said that the two Americas that Edwards talks about could both fit in his new house - har har.

They chyron below read "Monster Mansion" and "Should presidential candidates live in $6 million mansions?" while the video shown was aerial shots of the new home and property. Viewers were told it is 29,000 square feet, the largest and most expensive home in the county.

Gibson asked Blake if Edwards wasn't the wrong man to be talking about poverty, living "like this." Blake said no, then immediately pursued his talking point, that Edwards shouldn't be ashamed of his wealth and needs to 'come clean" to people about being a successful trial attorney, accumulating great wealth, and giving his family a luxurious home. Blake says "the problem is, he's ashamed of his wealth..."

So now we know, there's a problem.

Gibson listed some more amenities in the home ( pool, basketball court, squash court, 2 stages) and wondered what does he need all this for? (My guess is recreation and exercise.)
Blakeman got another laugh from the crew when he said Edwards would likely be disappointed with the White House, as it doesn't have all the amenities of home. Nice try, but "The White House includes: 6 stories and 55,000 ft² (5,100 m²) of floor space, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 8 fireplaces, 8 staircases, 3 elevators, 5 full-time chefs, 5,000 visitors a day, a tennis court, bowling alley, movie theater, jogging track, swimming pool, and putting green." (1)

Elizabeth Edwards is quoted saying they don't take fancy vacations, have jewelry or furs or fancy cars - those accoutrements don't matter - "What matters to him is home."

Blakeman, claiming he was getting a little misty, said he can't imagine they don't take vacations and do what normal folks do, and said the problem is, again, that he's ashamed he's been successful and made a lot of money being a trial lawyer. There's nothing wrong with that, he says, provided he comes clean with the American people and says "this is the way I choose to live. That doesn't preclude me from having a sense of where I came from and having some empathy for the poor."

Gibson finally asked a pertinent question: what has Edwards ever done to qualify him to be president? Blakeman says Edwards has just run to run, not to serve; as soon as he made it to the Senate what did he do? Embarked on a run for the presidency. He has no record, he has no military service background, he really has no foreign policy experience, he was pretty much MIA on the committees he served on, Judiciary and Intelligence. He really is an empty suit, but for the fact that he was a very successful trial attorney. If I got hit by a bus, that's the guy I'd want, but I don't want him to be my president.

Well, nothing like a thorough and cooperative thrashing of a candidate presented as a "news" item. I haven't learned anything about him except one partisan man's opinion and some details about his enormous new home.

Now might be a good time to point out that Bill O'Reilly, who's looking out for the folks and grew up in the mean streets of Levittown, made his considerable fortune by bloviating and shouting, not even doing any good like Edwards did, and now lives in a mansion on the shore of Long Island. Bush, the folksy candidate, built a new home on his new ranch outside Crawford TX while he was running for president in 1999, and his money comes from a family fortune. Does FOX really want to open up an investigation into how exactly their money was made?

More double standards and rank hypocrisy from the fair and balanced network.