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FOX revelations of what Sandy Berger "might have" stolen and what they "may have" said

Reported by Chrish - January 31, 2007 -

Not even pretending to practice journalism anymore, John Gibson on The Big Story today 1/31/07 speculated some more on just how bad the Berger case could have been. Unfortunately for his fantasies, the Bush Justice Department and the 9/11 Commission consider the case resolved. Today's segment was a rehash of the same non-story trumpeted three weeks ago.

So what "new details" did the Big Story uncover in the childishly-named and captioned "Sandy Burglar" case? Gibson asked "Could (he) have destroyed key hand-written notes from original documents?" That's exactly what his guest, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, thinks, but he offers no evidence.

The imagined hand-written notes on the theoretical margins of the possibly missing documents could have been written by President Clinton or perhaps Richard Clarke or maybe Madeleine Albright.

Fund says that an (unnamed) former Justice Department official believes there is strong circumstantial evidence that Berger took some documents with hand-written notes on them. The National Archives says they have copies of those documents, and they don't have hand-written notations on them. But, says Fund, the bottom line is Berger's behavior is still inexplicable unless he was "after something like that" and as part of his plea agreement, he agreed to take a polygraph test. The Justice Department hasn't taken him up on that and won't even return Fund's phone calls about it!

Gibson put up a ridiculous graphic and announced the "count of shame," which will track how long it's been since Berger's plea deal. Folks, it's already on 670 days - this dog and pony show is obsessing on a two-year-old, settled case as a means to divert attention from Scooter Libby (still no mention) and to blame Clinton for Bush's failure to prevent 9/11. Gibson promises to stay on this every day, asking "Did hand-written notes disappear? Do we know that there were notations that no longer exist, nobody knows where they are?"

This steaming pile of innuendo, speculation, and conjecture about a four-year-old offense is what passes for "new details" on FOX's Big Story. What a joke.