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Dennis Kucinich Debates Hannity And Colmes On The Fairness Doctrine

Reported by Ellen - January 31, 2007 -

The great Dennis Kucinich came on Hannity & Colmes last night (1/30/07) to debate the possibility of reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine. It seems ironic to me that a news network touting itself as “fair and balanced” should be against such a policy. After all, if they’re really so fair, it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. With video.

Sean Hannity was in full bullyboy glory as he first tried to sidetrack Kucinich with gotcha questions about Al Franken’s Air America show failing (though news reports indicate he's popular and leaving to run for the Senate), the “liberal media” and then shouting that the fairness doctrine would silence conservatives. Meanwhile, the only one silenced was Kucinich who laughingly pointed out he could barely get a word in edgewise.

The FOX News chyron coyly reinforced Hannity's position by “asking:” THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE: ARE LIBERALS SILENCING CONSERVATIVES?

Alan Colmes was more gracious but he, too, was adamant about not wanting government “policing content.”

Kucinich was magnificently unflappable as he explained that corporations – media or otherwise – have no First Amendment rights, that the airwaves belong to the public, which licenses them to broadcasters, and that the public needs and deserves a diversity of opinions on its airwaves. As an example of the necessity, he cited the number of Americans who wrongly think Iraq had a connection to 9/11.

Comment: I’m not sure if reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine is the right thing to do or not. I do believe that it’s important to loosen the conservatives' stranglehold and ensure more diversity on the air. It would be nice if other alternatives were put forth by those who oppose the Fairness Doctrine instead of just attacking it and those who support it.