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The White House Calls Cavuto's Show to Interject Its Spin Minutes After Live Interview

Reported by Melanie - January 30, 2007 -

And Cavuto Takes the Call

Caesar Borja, Jr., the son of a 20-year NYPD veteran who died last week from illnesses he suffered as a result of the work he did at Ground Zero immediately after 9/11, was a guest today (January 30, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Borja, who was Hillary Clinton's guest at the State of the Union address last week, was on to plead for the "proper medication, proper health monitoring" for those suffering like his father did. Borja begged for equipment and medicine, "to treat these, like newly surfacing diseases that are now just manifesting themselves and showing themselves to the doctors who are trying to treat those that have been there at Ground Zero."

Throughout the segment, Fox aired video of young Borja with Hillary Clinton at the Capitol last Tuesday.

Borja said his father received help, "due to the fact that he had his pension and due to the fact that he had his own health insurance, but that was all standard assistance due to the fact that my father was a member of the NYPD." Borja said now is the time, "to begin the aid for all of those dying." He said he is isn't fighting for, "just my father, but all those that need help."

Borja is scheduled to meet with George Bush tomorrow and he said he will ask Bush to expand the help not only for members of the NYPD, but for, "those that ultimately live in residences around Ground Zero; the children that now have inhalers. Everyone needs to be helped. Everyone."

46 minutes later Cavuto said this:

Well, apparently the White House was watching us and wanted to clarify something from our interview with Caesar Borja, Jr., the son of that New York police officer who died after illnesses related to his work at Ground Zero. Now, according to the White House, Caesar Borja [senior] was receiving federally funded treatment last Fall and before that he had received federally funded screening and monitoring. When he died, he was awaiting a lung transplant that was to be paid for with federal funds.

Comment: The proper response from whomever answered the phone at Fox "News" would have been to say thank you very much, we'll look into this and if we can confirm it, we'll report it. But no, the Bush News Channel takes a call from the White House and turns right around and reports what it says as fact. (Try starting with the small stuff Neil. Then maybe you can work up to confirming what the White House says about things like oh, Iran.)