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Practically Whole Fox Show Talks About Great Economy

Reported by Donna - January 30, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer throughout the whole show they kept referring to how great the economy is. This was interspersed throughout the show, Hemmer touched on this repeatedly.

Hemmer and Wendell Goler spoke about the president speaking from a Caterpilar Company in Peoria, Illinois.

The glowing reports about the low unemployment, good consumer confidence, low interest rates, filled the hour. They even went to Neil Cavuto for a segment on the economy because Neil has an exclusive interview with President Bush tomorrow.

Comments: Nice, state television brought to you by Fox. Glowing reports throughout the hour on President Bush's job on the economy. Of course they didn't hit on what types of jobs that are being created now though they did sneak in a remark that Caterpillar was not the norm, manufacturing plants have been being outsourced for sometime now. But you would hardly notice what with all the other reports about how well everything is going. Not once was an opposing opinion presented.