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'Fox and Friends' Still Taking Hits Over False Obama Story

Reported by Judy - January 30, 2007 -

The hits keep on coming for the journalists on "Fox and Friends" who aired the false claim that Sen. Barack Obama attended a radical Islamist school and that Sen. Hillary Clinton had unearthed the story and was spreading it. With video.

Not only have they been singled out by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann with his worst person award for the story. He also renamed the the Fox News Channel the "Fox Nothing Channel," later amended to the "Fox Noise Channel," in recognition of the false story.

They also have been publicly dressed down by their boss, John Moody, in the hated New York Times for saying they didn't know what they were talking about.

Furthermore, Fox News' Bill Shine, senior vice president of programming, told ABC News that the three "Fox and Friends" co-hosts spent too much time discussing the story.

Now, they've even had a verb coined after one of them: "Doocy-ed." As media bistro notes, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter used "Doocy-ed" to describe giving a story a senationalistic and unfair treatment.

Alter's web column
described Doocy as a "know-it-all" host. (Actually, he's more like a "know-nothing" host.) But Alter's column is well worth a read for what it says about Fox News' John Gibson, too.

The Chicago Tribune also called Fox News' handling of the story unprofessional and shabby, according to media bistro.

But the most stinging blow surely must have been the condemnation of "Fox and Friends" from that unparalleled arbiter of journalistic standards, Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show." On his shown on Monday (January 29, 2007), Stewart played a clip of co-host Steve Doocy describing the fake story as "huge" and then insinuated that Doocy and Fox News' Sean Hannity had been found together in a closet at the Fox News Christmas party. (Actually, Fox News has a "holiday" party, not a Christmas party.)

What next? Rosie going after them on The View?