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Charlie Rangel A True American Marvel

Reported by Deborah - January 30, 2007 -

Charlie Rangel was absolutely astounding tonight on the O'Reilly Factor standing up for our American right to speak out. Bill O'Reilly was having his usual fit about the " far left" calling for impeachment of Bush.Protest video streaming, O'Reilly denounced everyone suggesting impeachment with tonights special focus on Brattleboro Vermont and it's newspaper for daring to say something he didn't like. When Charlie Rangel paid a call, O'Reilly got a dose of plain talking patriotism from a true American marvel.

O'Reilly still on his high horse after the Talking Points boomed that we need solutions calling impeachment advocates "nutty". Rangel scolded him saying, " Don't call it nutty! You're talking about freedom of speech." Rangel reminded BOR that people are stuck with a President for 4 years and talking and screaming is " better than burning down the White House".

O'Reilly continued his delusional argument saying there was no evidence for impeachment calling it " a difference of opinion". Rangel clearly reminded him that impeachment was " a legal process." O'Reilly was raging saying there isn't " a shred of evidence" to impeach . When he challenged Rangel about congress impeaching Bush, he countered with the ultimate line.

" No one who knows Dick Cheney is thinking about impeaching George Bush".

Rangel was consistantly on top of the situation reminding BOR that the American people spoke up putting Democrats in power and it's the President's job to get us out of Iraq since he put us there. He even referred to protestors as " loving their country" which was a refreshing change from most Democrats on FOX

O'Reilly could only revert to his evil lefty talk claiming " we" interviewed Fonda and Penn at the protest and they had no solutions and then he went back to Brattleboro calling the newspaper, 'off the chart left" claiming they don't care about their country but only care about hating Bush.

O'Reilly then gave Rangel the last word but wasn't expecting Rangel's response.
"Any newspaper critical, let's you and I burn them up. Eliminate freedom of speech.If you want truth come to O'Reilly in the zone..."
O'Reilly actually laughed with Rangel and the segment ended with them laughing together but O'Reilly came out of it looking totally foolish while Rangel emerged as a triumphant hero.

Charlie Rangel deserves the News Hound's TOP DOG AWARD.