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Tip-toeing Around Romney's Flip-Flops

Reported by Judy - January 29, 2007 -

The f-word has disappeared from the vocabulary of Fox News personnel. No, not that f-word. With video.

"Fox and Friends" on Monday (January 29, 2007) hosted two Beltway Boys, Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, for a discussion of Republican presidential hopefuls for 2008.

When the name of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came up, Barnes noted that Romney may have trouble with conservatives in the GOP because he "just changed his position" on gay rights and abortion.

Co-host Steve Doocy then asked Kondracke, "What about Romney changing his position from where he stood back in the 90s."

Kondracke corrected Doocy [Note to Moody: Doocy doesn't know what he's talking about here] and stressed that Romney had held pro-choice views as recently as 2002, as discussed in a Weekly Standard article.

Kondracke went on to describe Romney's position as a conversion (as did the Weekly Standard article), and attributed it to Romney's political ambitions. Yet Kondracke said that he believed Romney's change of heart was sincere, adding, "I believe that he'll be consistent about it."

Of course he will, now that he wants to get the votes of hard-right voters.

If ever there were a segment demanding the use of the f-word -- flip-flop -- this was it. But can you heard the f-word anywhere in this segment?