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John Gibson And Danny Bonaduce Hideous Haters Dehumanize Jane Fonda

Reported by Deborah - January 29, 2007 -

Anyone watching John Gibson and Danny Bonaduce mutilate Jane Fonda on Big Story today would have to assume that their pasts were spotless and therefore would never worry about enduring the type of public humiliation and condemnation they served up for Jane Fonda. It would have been bad enough if they brought up the same old clip in Hanoi, which they did, but they also tried to degrade and humiliate her with nasty clips and vicious slander. Gibson so immersed in his gleeful feeding frenzy didn't even object when Bonaduce claimed Fonda should have been shot for treason. 1/29/07

Although all the reports have stated the number of people at Saturday's protest was in the tens of thousands, Gibson knew better declaring, " Our best estimate is 30,000." It's hard to say where Gibson was getting his " best estimate".

The ridiculously over used clip appeared while Bonaduce carried on about the mark the photo made on him when he saw it. Bonaduce didn't mention that he was 12 or 13 at the time. Then he started spewing with " Any speech Fonda gave after 1972 should have been posthumously." Declaring that she did aid the enemy he proudly opined, " She should have been tried for treason and the punishment at that time, you were taken out and shot and that's what I think should have happened to her."

Gibson looked pleased and amused but said nothing about Bonaduce's casual call for Fonda's execution. He began showing a series of shots of Fonda in various life stages making dismissive comments about her relationships and career. Gibson was drunk with his own nastiness.

Bonaduce, obviously believing he was witty, started in on Alec Baldwin. Repeating Baldwin's claim that he would leave the country if Bush won in 2004, Bonaduce quipped, " How can you accuse my President of lying to me, if you lie to me? Then he wrapped it up declaring Jane Fonda should be in prison for life. Guess he thought twice about the firing squad. What a merciful guy.

comment: I will accept the fact that Gibson and Bonaduce can't forgive Fonda for her behavior 34 years ago. I am sure there are many people who have similar feeling about things Gibson and Bonaduce did many years ago too. Jane Fonda had the grace and courage to apologize for her behavior and openly discuss the mistakes she made 30+ years ago.

Gibson, Bonaduce and FOX News seem to forget that Jane Fonda cares deeply enough to end her silence even though she knew she was going to expose herself to this unimaginable hate. Gibson and Bonaduce are cowardly bullies without humanity who have made hurting others their life's work. That is truly unforgivable.