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Brit Hume Condemns Patrick Fitzgerald for Prosecuting Scooter Libby

Reported by Marie Therese - January 29, 2007 -

Yesterday at the end of the all-star panel discussion on FOX News Sunday, FOX News Senior Correspondent Brit Hume came down solidly on the side of the criminals. In a pathetic attempt to defame U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Hume hovered dangerously close to accusing Fitzgerald of malicious prosecution.

During an impassioned discussion about perjury, Mara Liasson and Chris Wallace both argued that committing perjury by lying to federal prosecutors is a crime that should be prosecuted. They correctly pointed out that Martha Stewart was sent to jail for just such a thing and that it is generally the cover-up after the fact that causes the downfall of white collar criminals.

This clearly annoyed Brit Hume who several times lashed out at prosecutor Fitzgerald for doing his job. I was struck by how much synmpathy Hume had for poor Scooter Libby and how little had had when Martha Stewart was in the same boat.

The hypocrisy of his position was painfully obvious to everyone but Hume himself.



BRIT HUME: "...[It] is almost inescapable to conclude that this vaunted prosecutor, who is a very impressive man, Patrick Fitzgerald, labored long here - long after he knew who the original leaker was that he was assigned to find and track down - and brought forth a mouse. ... We're in the midst of a not-very-serious case. What we're in the midst of is charges brought against somebody for crimes alleged to have been committed after the investigation began and in the course of the investigation. The investigation produced no crime."

Hume made no sense here at all. By definition, perjury is a crime committed after an investigation has begun. That's the whole point. The perjurer lies to the investigating officers in the course of the investigation. Hume was positively transparent in this segment, grabbing at straws in his attempt to defend Libby and vilify the prosecutor.


MARA LIASSON: "Perjury is a crime. Perjury is a crime. I'm not disputing anything you're talking - saying about the bigger picture. But the fact is so many of these trials - Martha Stewart, any numer of them - it's not the actual crime. It's what you say to a federal official."

CHRIS WALLACE: "And if you're a federal prosecutor and you believe that a witness has lied to FBI agents and to a grand jury repeatedly, it's a crime."

BRIT HUME: "It is a crime, Chris. And prosecutors every day are presented an array of instances in which they can see a crime. They prosecute a few of them. And it is what is called prosecutorial discretion. It is a critical part of the job which charges to bring and which charges not to bother with. Here, clearly, when you look at the scope of what he was supposed to be investigating, is a case in which he brought forth not something not very major."