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This Is What Democracy Looks Like In D.C. Today And FOX Has Started Attacking Already

Reported by Deborah - January 27, 2007 -

A massive throng of American patriots are now marching from the Mall in Washington D.C to the Pentagon to protest the esclation of the war in Iraq. C-Span coverage of the opening speeches showed masses of peaceful Americans as far as the eye can see. News Hound Janie is among them and will bring back photos to share. Chances are FOX News won't be covering the event objectively but we can count on the usual smears of the actors leading the march, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Jane Fonda. In fact, FOX has already started an attack of Jane Fonda. 1/27/07

Jane Fonda told the crowd that this is the first peace event she has attended since Vietnam because she was afraid that her reputation would hurt the peace movement. She then told the cheering crowd, "Silence is no longer an option."

A FOX promo at 2:47 PM reported that there's " a very large demonstration" in Washington D.C.
Showing a clip of Fonda, Trace Gallagher said, " She was once called Hanoi Jane". Then he reported hat Fonda invited a comparison between Iraq and Vietnam when she said that it took 6 years for people to come out against Vietnam and it has taken only 3 years for the response against Iraq.

No surprise that FOX showed a picture of Fonda in Hanoi and then claimed she told University students we should pray to be communist. Gallagher asked "Should Jane Fonda be protesting?"and invited FOX viewers to call in their responses.

News Hounds has already recieved hate mail about Fonda today perhaps from a FOX viewer that I'd like to share. We recieved this at 12:30 PM probaby the minute Fonda appeared on the podium.

"jane fonda is once again showing her pathic, disquisting , ugly side of her buy going to washington to fight against the war that is continuing to keep us safe.
how can you defend someone like her who clearly calls herself an american, but doesn't love or defend this wonderful country.
send her over to iraq, n. korea, anywhere in the middle east and let her keep us safe.
she is a disgrace to our country! and you are for defending her. what a slap to our military men and woman"