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O'Reilly badgers Sharpton: what has Obama ever done for you? (Black America)

Reported by Chrish - January 27, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly didn't have time for the rest of the field running in the Democrat (sic) primaries and only wanted to discuss Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their respective appeal to the African-American community. The segment quickly degenerated into O'Reilly badgering Sharpton on Obama with the end result that O'Reilly declares Obama's done nothing for the black community. With video.

O'Reilly started out by saying that the he didn't have much time tonight (too many child molestation outrages to fan) so would just "get on to the Obama-Hillary." Note that he repeatedly called Senator Clinton by her first name. O'Reilly perceives that the "far-left" people and Hollywood types are going for Obama while the "moderate left" is going for Hillary. Sharpton replied that Clinton isn't really left, she's moderate, and his meetings with the candidates are to ascertain their positions on matters of civil rights - health care access, the wealth gap, access to capital, economic programs and more.

O'Reilly commenced interrupting Sharpton's answers with a barrage of questions that led to the ultimate goal - a declaration that Barack Obama has not done anything for the black community. When Sharpton tried to talk in generalities, O'Reilly said "you're b.s.ing me me...this is ridiculous."

O'Reilly was demanding that Sharpton name one piece of legislation that Obama was responsible for that benefitted the black communities in Illinois, where he served for six years, saying that nobody knows what Obama has done, nobody watches Illinois state politics. When Sharpton, who is not an Obama spokesman, could not be more specific O'Reilly pretended it was a gotcha moment and therefore Obama has not done anything. He warned that the candidates need to be specific, and that they need to appear on his show. Sharpton jested that if they make it through his show, they have a shot at the White House. (Corrected.)