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FOX Unleashes Mike Gallagher On Jane Fonda Diverting Attention From Peace March

Reported by Deborah - January 27, 2007 -

Mike Gallagher joined Julie Banderas today on Big Story to smear the Peace Rally in D.C. today.Banderas opened the segment commenting that the flag draped coffin made a powerful statement. Gallagher jumped in with a hateful tirade against Jane Fonda that was inexcusable but was obviously a ploy to make today's memorable event in D.C. all about Fonda and Hollywood rather than the true feelings of the American majority. 1/27/06

After Gallagher made the expected reminder of Jane Fonda posing in Hanoi, he suggested that Fonda could go to Iraq and pose with an insurgent holding a garage door opener while giving a thumbs up sign. Then he wailed about the pain the troops and the families must have felt seeing her there.

Gallagher or Banderas didn't mention all the Veterans and families who were on the podium and in the audience cheering Fonda or her statement to the crowd. Editor and Publisher reported on Fonda's comment as well as the other celebrities that Gallagher smeared.

"She then announced that this was the first peace rally she had spoken at "in 34 years" -- due, she said, to "the lies that had been spread" about her anti-Vietnam activities for decades. She said, "I was afraid that the lies they spread about me...would be used to hurt this movement. But I have decided that silence is no longer an option."

Banderas said in " the name of fair and balanced" that these same celebrities raised a lot of money for the families of victims after 9/11.She asked Gallagher if it's not okay for them to speak up if they disagree with Bush? Gallagher twisted that to his advantage.

Gallagher claimed that it's not okay to disagree the President in wartime. " After 9/11 we were united. Now Jane Fonda has come back. I feel it's disgraceful and sad"

comment: What's really disgraceful and sad is the divisive and hateful propaganda coming from the voice of our White House.