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Sandy "Burglar" still the big legal case on FOX Big Story. Scooter who?

Reported by Chrish - January 26, 2007 -

In a "report" today 1/25/07 on The Big Story Douglas Kennedy breathlessly rehashed recent accusations that the Bush Justice Department overlooked criminal activity by former Clinton official Sandy Berger, who is repeatedly referred to both verbally and in print as "Sandy Burglar." Unfortunately for the desperadoes at FOX who are contorting themselves to keep from reporting on the ongoing Scooter Libby trial, the "new details" in the Berger case are innuendo and speculation.

Kennedy began his segment saying "Some say the more we know about Sandy Berger stealing documents the more it becomes clear how much we still don't know."

"Congressional investigators", 18 Republicans, are now implying that the Bush Justice Dept. was complicit in covering up "what Sandy Berger stole, and when he stole it."

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal was a major "source" in this segment, saying that "we don't know if the 9/11 Commission had all the facts," "we don't know if Sandy Berger was trying to rewrite history," and we don't know why the Justice Department never administered a polygraph test to Berger.

Kennedy rehashed the known facts of the case in an amazed tone of voice, and Fund declared that Berger "could have" taken originals and we'd have no way of knowing. A Justice Department official, Bryan Sierra, was quoted as saying they stand by their investigation of this matter, and there is no evidence that he removed anything beyond that which has already been ascertained. But Kennedy says an oversight committee argues that there is no basis for concluding Berger did not remove original documents.

Kennedy cited an off-the-record interview with an unnamed source, identified only as "reform investigator," who said

"The Justice Department lied to the 9/11 Commission about Sandy Berger. That is a fact."

Fund asserted that there should be, at least, a polygraph test administered to Berger, and at most, a complete investigation of the Justice Department. Berger's attorneys call the Republican allegations "pure conjecture," and Kennedy said (snarkily) that it's "unclear how enthusiastic the new Democratic Congress will be in pursuing the matter." The next step will be seeing if the Justice Department pursues the polygraph test, and if it doesn't, the 9/11 Commission's findings will be in doubt.

We won't see these new details anywhere but FOX, we're told, and a quick search of Google News comes up with a handful of right-wing websites and the New York Post, sister to FOX, carrying the rumors. A further look at those sites reveal that many of them are carrying the same articles by two known right-wing partisans.

One could surmise that this set-up is intended to discredit the findings of the 9/11 Commission at a future date. Or it could just be the ordinary daily smearing of Democrats and distraction of ongoing Republican scandals. There was NO news value in this report, nothing, which explains why the non-right-wing media is not reporting it.