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O'Reilly Attacks Alexandra Pelosi Documentary, " Friends Of God"

Reported by Deborah - January 26, 2007 -

Alexandra Pelosi's Documentary, Friends of God, premiered tonight on HBO and O'Reilly jumped at the opportunity to use the film to inflame his base with divisive rhetoric about Christian persecution and also smear Nancy Pelosi through her daughter. 1/25/07

O'Reilly was seething because Tom Shales and Alessandra Stanley wrote reviews of the film linking O'Reilly and Fox News to the Evangelical Christian movement, the subject of Pelosi's film.It seems Shales referred to BOR as " FOX's nut in residence". Bill reminded Shales, calling him " Tom Baby", that Cultural Warrior has been a best seller for 16 weeks adding with a quiet rage, " Read it, learn it, live it.!"

Missing the entire point of the film, which I saw tonight , O'Reilly claimed it was a battle between the "miltant left and militant christians". He erroneously stated that Pelosi followed people around for months and naturally found things that looked bad. " Anybody can do that. I can film S-Ps in an S&M bar. " He insisted that Pelosi only filmed people " on the fringe" Claiming he had nothing against Pelosi's film, he suggested that he didn't appreciate " militant christians" either.

In the next segment, O'Reilly had two guests critical of the films mentioned. Jesus Camp was supposed to be included but the focus was completely on Pelosi's film. Also Alexandra was not distinguished from her Mother throughout the conversation. Everyone just said Pelosi and pictures of Nancy Pelosi not Alexandra were shown.

Sandy Rios, Culture Campaign,said the film was " business as usual " because when she went to pro-life demonstrations, the media always filmed the " fringe" referring to people jumping up and down. Rios expressed dismay that anyone would connect FOX and O'Reilly unfairly.

Christine O'Donnell, didn't seem to know that Alexandra not Nancy had made the film. She immediately started attacking Nancy Pelosi for not following Christian principles. BOR jumped in to chastize her for " judging " Pelosi giving her a little lecture about how he doesn't do that on his show. It's doubtful that he didn't know what she had planned to say since the producers go over that thoroughly before the show. He had no trouble making the claim that the film was a "political ploy".

comment: O'Reilly's description of Friends Of God was all wrong. Alexandra Pelosi traveled all over the country meeting, interviewing and filming Evangelical Christians in a variety of settings.Pelosi seemed to connect with her subjects and from the respectful and friendly tone of her interactions, the people filmed looked relaxed and eager to share. Pelosi was able to communicate the power of the evangelical movement and the intensity of faith found in their communities. Throughout the film, the messages pounded day after day on FOX were everywhere.