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Hannity’s Bullyboy Browbeating Bombs

Reported by Ellen - January 26, 2007 -

Sean Hannity attacked Mesa, Arizona City Councilman Tom Rawles for expressing his “liberal” opposition to the war in Iraq by refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Only problem? Councilman Rawles has been a Republican for 45 years. With video.

In response to the controversy his protest has caused, Rawles told Alan Colmes, “The question is whether we’re more interested in protecting the symbols of freedom in this country or the freedoms, themselves.”

For Hannity, it’s clearly the former. He rudely sighed and made other noises while it was Colmes’ turn to do the interviewing. Then Hannity started his portion of the interview with his taunting, bullyboy belligerence. Hannity waved his papers as he began speaking. “Hey uh, Tom. Hi, Sean Hannity here. You know you say you’re trying to stimulate debate. That’s all we’ve done since the war started. We’ve debated. You liberals don’t like the fact that you’re not in power. You insult the president, you call him a liar everyday. You change your position every day. You have no plan on how to solve the problem in Iraq. You don’t understand the importance of it. This isn’t about stimulating debate. This is about, you know, making yourself look good.”

You could tell from the look on Rawles’ face what he thought of Hannity but was too polite to say. Rawles reiterated that his protest was his way of speaking out and, he thought, encouraging others to debate the issues more vigorously. He added, “By the way, I’m not a liberal. I’ve been a Republican for 45 years.”

“OK,” Hannity snapped. “Whatever, that’s not the point.”

“This is the greatest country God gave man,” Hannity continued, showing off his piety. “You have a right to say anything you want but it’s insulting not to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance.” Comment: Insulting to whom? The founding fathers? Or to Hannity’s delicate sense of patriotism?

“You have a sense of self-importance,” Hannity said, showing off his own humility. It must have been that humility that caused him to decree how Councilman Rawles, who is not one of Hannity’s elected representatives, should behave. It must have also caused him to forget that Rawles is not a Democrat. “I think you have a duty as a public official – and you have every right to speak out, every right to support Alan. All your leaders in the Democratic Party are out there insulting our president… But you, as a public official, but you, as a public figure, as a councilman, you have to be a role model.”

Rawles said, “It’s not about left vs. right. First of all, it’s about whether you believe in freedom or not believe in freedom.”