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FOX's John Gibson tells viewers lies about Libby trial testimony

Reported by Chrish - January 26, 2007 -

John Gibson used his "My Word" segment yesterday 1/25/07 to offer his emphatic assertion that former CIA agent Valerie Plame did indeed send her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, to Niger to confirm or deny reports about Iraq's attempts to buy yellowcake from that country, and he, Gibson, was right all along. Gibson says that testimony in the "Scooter" Libby case proves his point, though he offered no specifics, just his jubilant claim. I don't know what transcript he was reading, but the documents we've seen prove exactly the opposite.

From Gibson's piece:

"We now know from testimony yesterday in the Libby trial that Ambassador Wilson was sent on the CIA mission by his wife, CIA analyst Valerie Plame.

I have said from the beginning that if CIA analyst Valerie Plame was inserting herself in politics by sending her anti-war, anti-invasion husband on a fact-finding mission about Saddam Hussein then damn right we should know her name. I said Karl Rove should get a medal for it if he did it.

"I was attacked for that position. How can you support outing a covert officer, the Bush haters demanded. Well, I said, if the covert officer is trying to pull strings on the president's policies we should know who she is and what she is doing. No proof, the Bush haters said. No proof she sent him. In fact, they claimed she did not send him.

Now it turns out she did.

He wanted Karl Rove frog-marched across the White House lawn. Turns out he either didn't know the truth that it was his wife who got him the job, or he lied to keep it secret. Either way, Joe Wilson is now factually an anti-war activist who wormed his way into a key intelligence assignment and turned it into an anti-Bush political hit job.

End of story. Dustbin of history. Fraud unmasked."

But according to documents placed into evidence and replicated by Larry Johnson at Atlantic Free Press,

"Meeting apparently convened by Valerie Wilson, A CIA WMD managerial type and the wife of Amb. Joe Wilson, with the idea that the agency and the larger USG could dispatch Joe to Niger to use his contacts there to sort out the Niger/Iraq/uranium sale question."

(More notes on the meeting, including a suggestion that since the French control the mining, milling, and transportation processes, perhaps the most cost effective way to handle the problem would be to talk to them.)


"Wilson, not wanting to get too far ahead of State or the Embassy, backed INR up in regard to Ambassador Owens-Kirkpatrick's prerogatives and said he would only go if we thought that it made sense."

To quickly dissect Gibson's claims:

An introduction and/or a recommendation is not the same as "sending him" to Niger. She did not have the authority to do that.

Recommending him was not a political act - it was part of her job as a "CIA WMD managerial type."

His professional contacts and diplomatic skills were his qualifications, and there's nothing to indicate he was an "anti-war activist."

He didn't "worm his way in," and in fact the record shows he was prepared to defer to the wishes of the current Ambassador.

Wilson objected to the invasion after the fact, knowing the administration had misrepresented the threat.

The politicizing entered into play when the Bush administration decided to punish him for his contrary stance.

He wanted Rove frog-marched after his wife's career was ruined and her life endangered - like any loyal husband.

Of note, this distorted piece was the only coverage afforded the Libby trial during the entire hour.

FOX News: We distort, you deride.
End of story. Dustbin of history. Fraud unmasked