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Clinton Leads in Poll, Fox and Friends Slam Her

Reported by Judy - January 26, 2007 -

Sen. Hillary Clinton came out on top in a Time Magazine poll, but "Fox and Friends" managed to turn it into a slam. With video.

The "Fox and Friends" co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, and Steve Doocy on Friday (January 26, 2007) were discussing the results of the poll asking Americans which possible presidential candidate they most would like to have dinner with.

Clinton won with 26 percent, followed by Barack Obama and John McCain, tied at 15 percent.

After Doocy announced the results, audio played the senator's voice saying, "I had no knowledge of that whatsoever."

Fox viewers may think it was merely a funny stunt, but its impact is much more subtle.The audio drop had the effect of wiping out whatever positive impact the news itself may have had on viewers by reminding them of all the smears the right-wing has perpetrated against her over the years (killing Vince Foster, etc.), implying that she is untruthful and untrustworthy.

Definitely not fair and balanced.

BTW, "Fox and Friends" has neglected to use the "fair and balanced" tag line in recent days. They must be up to something.

And all that stuff about having squirrel for dinner is related to a New Jersey warning against eating squirrel more than twice a week. The warning set off a bunch of squirrel gags that lasted the whole show, which mainly showed how ignorant these guys are of the "red" Americans they supposedly appeal to.