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Brit Hume Trashes Democrats for Giving General Petraeus an "Up or Down Vote"

Reported by Janie - January 26, 2007 -

During last night's (1/25) Special Report, "journalist" Brit Hume opened the second half of his "All Star Panel" on the escalation of the war in Iraq by trashing Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee for voting to send the nomination of General David Petraeus to the Senate floor for a full vote, effectively trashing Democrats for giving Petraeus an "up or down vote."

Hume, in an exasperated tone opined, "The Senate Armed Services Committee, by a vote of 25-0, sent the nomination of General David Petraeus to the Senate Floor, where a confirmation is expected in short order. No problems. And as you heard Democrats, who are critical of the President's plan, and one Republican John Warner who doesn't like the plan. This is the Petraeus plan to some extent, he's going over there for the purpose of putting into effect the plan that the members of the Senate are about to voice their objections to in a non-binding resolution. What is going on?" (Emphasis his)

Comment: After repeated segments over the years in which Fox has attacked Democrats for even thinking about blocking the vote of one the President's nominations, when the Democrats decide to give the full Senate "up or down vote", supposed "fair and balanced" Fox attacks them for doing what they've been demanding all along.