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O'Reilly Won't Give Shawn Hornbeck A Break

Reported by Deborah - January 25, 2007 -

Although Shawn Hornbeck's family asked the media to back off so Shawn could get out of the spotlight and begin the healing process, O'Reilly just couldn't let go of the story doing another segment last night with child advocate, Wendy Murphy who provided Bill with a child's version of the Stockholm Syndrome which Bill found more acceptable. 1/24/07

O'Reilly criticized CBS for being the only network reporting a story today that Shawn Hornbeck helped Devlin kidnap Ben Ownby. He kept gravely repeating that caution is needed as if that would excuse the fact he was also reporting the story. Although O'Reilly claimed he couldn't confirm the story he still chose to spread it anyway.

Actually, O'Reilly was concerned because he never likes to be proven wrong and if Shawn Hornbeck had helped Devlin, the behavior would be consistant with Stockholm Syndrome which he had denounced earlier.He was rescued by Murphy who helped him out claiming that Hornbeck was exhibiting signs of Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, CSAAS, which she said was very different from Stockholm Syndrome. She explained that a terrorized child would accommodate their captors accepting their new life as normal because a child is adaptable. She even helped support BOR's earlier claim that Shawn Hornbeck was attracted to his life with Devlin claiming a captor might say, " I love you. I'm going to let you have video games. You don't have to go to school." Then, of course, Murphy made a comment praising his work.

BOR seemed satisfied but that's not the end of it. There were promos this morning for still another Hornbeck segment tonight. Contact O'Reilly's sponsors and let them know what you think.