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Obama Bash Continues on FOX News Channel

Reported by Marie Therese - January 25, 2007 -

FOX News seems to be really, really nervous about declared Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). They're thrashing about, trying to find some piece of dirt that will "stick" to the charismatic politician. They've tried falsely linking him to political payola, radical Muslims and Islamic madrassas, all without success. In an attempt to imply that he's some kind of playboy, FOX New has shown him in his bathing suit. Didn't work. Turns out he's just too good looking with his shirt off! This morning FOX News Live anchor John Scott and his guests - Byron York, White House Correspondent for National Review Online and Patricia Murphy, Executive Editor of The American Interest - tried a new line of attack, questioning whether or not Obama is black enough to win African-American votes. (With video.)

FOX took the title of the segment - "Is Obama's Appeal to Blacks an Open Question?" - almost verbatim from an article that appeared in today's Washington Post but added its own spin to what is shaping up to be a favorite theme in the media these days, i.e. the "rivalry" between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

As you watch the video, listen for words that set a "negative" frame on the person or action being discussed, e.g., seducing, elite, diss, dissing, white advisors, coolness, not as popular, reverse racism, accused, white enclave, darlings of Hollywood, nervousness, familiar face, divisive figure.

The quote that I found most illuminating came from anchor John Scott, who said: "Kind of interesting, Byron, some of the criticism that is directed in - in Obama's direction, you know the criticism is that he is - uh - a black candidate surrounding himself with a lot of white advisors. I mean, it almost becomes a reverse kind of racism, doesn't it?"

Scott was opening the door to charges that Obama is somehow not a "real" African-American.

This approach, like all the others, will go nowhere fast.

Obama so far has shown himself to be the GOP's worst nightmare.

He is a resilient, intelligent, disciplined candidate with a great sense of humor, a beautiful wife, Christian values, deep roots in the African-American community in Chicago and a real ability to fight back decisively and effectively when he's attacked (as we saw in the dust-up with FOX & Friends earlier this week).

I, for one, could vote for him very easily ...