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Fox Says Bush Wants To Take Away The Advantage Of Getting Healthcare Coverage From Your Employer

Reported by Donna - January 25, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he went to Wendall Goler who was reporting on the president traveling to sell his healthcare policy.

Wendell Goler says the president wants to expand healthcare coverage and take away the advantage of getting healthcare coverage from your employer. The idea is to tax all health benefits and then give everyone who pays taxes a deduction to level the playing field for those who have to buy insurance on the private market.

He went on to say that some other ideas to bringing down the cost of healthcare were by computerizing records and x rays and having people paying more of the basic cost of healthcare, which he feels encourages them to take better care of themselves and to shop for cheaper doctors and generic drugs.

Comments: I find it amazing that the president is offering a health plan that allows people to shop for cheaper doctors and generic drugs yet he doesn't allow under the Medicare health plan the ability to negotiate for cheaper drugs.

Oh, and for people who wouldn't be eligible under the president's plan? He said the states would take care of those people. Does his plan address the 47 million without healthcare insurance?

The only fair and balanced was that Goler said the Dems said it would help more people if it was a tax credit instead of a tax deduction and the president is willing to consider that.