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Breakdown of O'Reilly Talking Points' tendencies

Reported by Chrish - January 25, 2007 -

Five nights a week Bill O'Reilly opens his show with an emphatically presented opinion piece, his Talking Points Memo.

* The Left's Vision for America
January 25, 2007
Self-explantory, concludes "Obviously, there's a huge divide between President Bush's vision of the world and the left wing vision. And despite the niceties in Washington last night, the "madam speaker" stuff, the divide is what the president race in 2008 will be all about."

* The State of the Union According to the Folks
January 24, 2007
Mostly factual, with these finger-points: " Sixty-three percent believe the moral and ethical climate in America is declining. And it is. The Internet and an irresponsible media have hit traditional values hard." Nothing about Republican scandals and corruption.

* Fairness and Justice at Duke
January 23, 2007
Stakes out FOX position .

* The Far-Left Press Steps Up
January 22, 2007
Self-explanatory, includes self-pitying staements such as "the far-left fanatics in the press would slam us. That's just who they are: Dishonest people who despise the FOX News Channel ...But generally speaking, the media will attack FOX News at every opportunity. Elements at NBC News, for example, do this every day....But because we give equal weight to the conservative and traditional point of view, the committed left media hates us." Not a word, ever, about far-right media.

* Shawn Hornbeck Appears on 'Oprah'
January 19, 2007
O'Reilly, still trying to deny his comments of January 15th, says "This case has captivated the entire country and is now becoming political. The far-left smear Web sites have vilified me for raising questions about the situation..." and proceeds to insult ABC's The View.

* The Disgrace of Vermont
January 18, 2007
Attacks media and judiciary in libertarian state: "Vermont is a perfect example of a state held hostage by a corrupt secular progressive power structure that is bringing shame on what was once an outstanding place to live."

* Anger Over the Kidnapping of Two Missouri Boys
January 17, 2007
Tacitly admits to suggesting Hornbeck child enjoyed his captivity: " I actually hope I'm wrong about Shawn Hornbeck. I hope he did not make a conscious decision to accept his captivity because Devlin made things easy for him. No school, play all day long." Continued to insult parents of victim: "it is hard for me to believe that a normal kid would stay in a horrible environment when escape was easy, especially if the child had confidence in his parents." and asserted he was factual: "...my job is to examine the evidence." Damage control Day 1.

* No Justice in Vermont?
January 16, 2007
Attack colleagues in media, "The local newspaper, The Bennington Banner, is in the tank for the prosecution and did no original reporting on the case." and misdirects viewers to Democratic and Independent US Senators: "We have posted e-mail addresses for the governor and the two senators on billoreilly.com."

* Sen. Barbara Boxer Attacks Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
January 12, 2007
Misrepresents innocuous comments as attack, invokes Michael Moore and Phil Donahue as brother boogeymen: "It has to do with the far left — of which Barbara Boxer is certainly a part — using foolish personal arguments to debate issues vital to this country.....But the far left doesn't care. All it wants to do is throw emotion at complicated problems. I ran up against that with Michael Moore and Phil Donahue."

* Who Was Fair And Balanced After Bush's Iraq Speech?
January 12, 2007
Predictably names names in media harsh on Bush policy, stating "You can dissent from the Iraq war and still be a patriot, but if you root against your country, you are disloyal. And unfortunately "Talking Points" believes some media are doing just that. " Bush/Cheney=America.

* Can Iraq be Saved?
January 11, 2007
Allows that the mess is the fault of the Bush administration and not the press, but "The left wing newspapers smell Republican blood. And their counterparts on television are salivating over the Iraq failure. Once again, it is politics over what is best for the country."

* The Clash of the Titans Over Iraq
January 10, 2007
Pits Ted Kennedy vs. Bush, framing "The far left does not want to confront the bad guys unless we absolutely have to. The Republicans say we must be aggressive in confronting jihadists and other evildoers." Not far left vs far right, or Democrats and Republicans - far left, and Republicans.

* Complete Breakdown of the Judicial and Immigration Systems
January 09, 2007
Selects one case to make his point: "Brown County officials do not care about illegal aliens in their midst and obviously do not believe felonious sexual assault on a child rates high bail."

* Last Chance in Iraq
January 08, 2007
After admitting that he was giving Bush one more chance, after giving him one year to succeed eighteen months ago, O'Reilly warned "But I don't respect Americans who want the USA to lose in Iraq because they hate Bush or any other reason.... And then there's the press. Unfortunately, many in the media now have a vested interest in seeing the U.S. fail in Iraq. No doubt about it." and predicts negative reaction to Bush announcement for escalation. Well duh. Elections two months ago demonstrated the majority of Americans want out of Iraq.

* Perfect Storm of Illegal Immigration Merging with Child Molestation
January 05, 2007
Uses one case to make his point, same as Jan. 9, and blames Democrats for Bush administration border security failure: "I believe the wall will never be funded by the Democratic Congress and the southern border will not be secured."

* Blaming America for Saddam's Execution
January 04, 2007
Blames colleagues in press for reporting on execution mishandling: " As soon as I heard Saddam Hussein was going to be executed, I knew the Bush haters would swing into action. And as usual, they did not let me down." Names names from his McCarthyesque enemies list.

* 2006 in Review
January 03, 2007
Puts self on top five important stories of the year, attacks colleagues in media: "The culture war in America saw some important traditional wins in 2006, much to the dismay of many in the SP media. But like the war in Iraq, the culture war is still an intense fluid situation. Both will rage on in 2007."

* The Execution of Saddam Hussein
December 29, 2006
As his Catholic faith dictates, " I myself oppose capital punishment," but as his punitive unforgiving nature dictates, " ...I also understand that in cases involving crimes against humanity — like this one — a statement has to be made to the world.... Evil people who destroy thousands of lives must be held to account." Political ideology trumps religious beliefs.

* A Look Back at the Year 2006
December 22, 2006
Very limited view of what's important, but takes opportunity for slap: "And we also dealt with a number of other bad guys this year as well. O.J. Simpson got what he deserved, scorn. Air America is bankrupt."

* The Culture War Rages in the Press
December 21, 2006
Poor persecuted O'Reilly: " Every morning my staff gives me a folder entitled "Bill in the News." It contains articles and TV transcripts that have mentioned my name overnight. Ninety percent of the press is negative. The same holds true for FOX News in general. Most of the media coverage critical.... Most are committed liberals, who dislike us for giving conservative and traditional Americans a fair shot."

* Anger Growing on the Far Left
December 20, 2006
Insults liberals, "'Tis the season to be jolly, but not if you're a far-left loon," "And then there's Matt Damon. The far-left actor...is ill informed," and more attacks on perceived "liberal media."

I think you get the drift. O'Reilly, the multiple-personality "journalist" and "talk-show host," introduces his program each night saying we're entering the "no-spin zone," but all he does is spin. He loathes liberals and Democrats, secularists and progressives, anti-war leaders, rehabilitative judges, and people who quote him directly. Most of all, O'Reilly hates the so-called liberal media who call the administration on their numerous incompetencies and dishonest behaviors, because it gives people a basis for comparison and O'Reilly comes up extremely short.

He has some goddam nerve calling Robert Greenwald a propagandist.