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You Know Bush's State of the Union Speech Bombed When...

Reported by Melanie - January 24, 2007 -

...Fox "News" forgoes spending at least half of Your World w/Neil Cavuto dissecting the wonders of both it and Bush, and instead spends the hour on:

- Tom Tancredo who "rips" Bush's "SOTU remarks on 'illegals;'"

- Jim Gilchrist (founder of the Minuteman Project) and Carla Ferrigno who come on to talk about the "45,000 Americans killed by illegals since 9/11;"

- A roundtable discussion about how the Democrats are going to raise your taxes;

- George Foreman, who Fox introduces with a FOX NEWS ALERT, who proclaims that, "Americans are too fat!"

- Tony Snow who comes on, not to talk about Bush's speech, but about,

----- How Democrats are going to raise your taxes;

----- How the U.S. economy is "growing more rapidly than any other industrialized country" (projected U.S. GDP growth for 2006: 3.4%; projected Chinese GDP growth for 2006: 10.5%. Any financial guy worth his salt would have corrected that Big Lie.);

----- Wolfe Blitzer asking Dick Cheney about Mary Cheney's pregnancy during an interview today (January 24, 2007) on "The Situation Room" (it "ought to be off limits");

----- Why there's no media coverage about how great the economy's doing; and

----- How Democrats are set to run on "the class warfare argument."

- Robert Cox, President of the Media Bloggers Association, to say that the GOP is, "way behind Dems on using the Internet to win in 2008;"

- Wesley Clark who spends four minutes responding to Cavuto's question about whether or not his late entry into the '04 presidential race was the catalyst for the early start to the '08 race.

- Peter Brooks of The Heritage Foundation ranting about how we need to pressure Egypt to ban "al Qaeda's TV network now!"

and, last but certainly not least,

- Four "Hooters girls" (or, "Hooties Hotties," per the introductory graphic), who hawk their new calendar. Cavuto and "the girls" spend five minutes giggling and, as is customary on Fox when the real topic is sex, the segment proceeds without the usual chyron at the bottom of the screen, making for an unimpeded view of the "girls'" breasts.