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Fox Guest Still Questioning Whether Valerie Plame Was Covert

Reported by Donna - January 24, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he spoke with Ed McMahon, Jr., a former criminal defense attorney , about the Scooter Libby trial.

Hemmer said that the attorneys for Libby are saying that the White House wanted Libby to be the fall guy for Karl Rove.

McMahon said that this news stunned him. He said the prosecutor would say that he remembers exactly what he said if he complained to the Vice President about it. Hemmer said that Libby had a lot on his mind with Al Qaeda and the war and all and McMahon said that was a legitimate defense.

McMahon said that it was likely that Libby would take the stand and say why he said certain things. Hemmer asked him if Rove or Cheney would be on the stand and McMahon said that Cheney would be a dangerous witness, saying how punctual Libby was and all the good reasons for why he hired him.

Then McMahon said that early on he had said if Mrs. Plame wasn't even a covert agent there really was no need to proceed with this thing and the defense will try to get that into the case and the judge would have to decide. McMahon said why he (Libby) would lie about it if she really wasn't covert doesn't make any sense, either.

Comment: Are we back to that, now? Now Fox has guests on that are questioning whether Vaerie Plame was a covert agent or not? I thought this was put to rest a long time ago.