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Partisan language in State of the Union preview segment on FOX Big Story

Reported by Chrish - January 23, 2007 -

Host John Gibson had Democratic strategist Laura Schwarz, a recent darling of FOX News, as a guest for a segment previewing the SOTU address tonight 1/23/07. The language he used was clearly meant to portray Bush as victim of wicked Democrats, a switch from the previous SOTUs in front of a cowed and compliant Republican Congress.

This is just in the introduction! It's time for a Democrat (sic) feast at Bush's expense... he's at the mercy of the Democrat (sic) majority attacking him on the SOTU message... Afterwards the opposition party will try to trump the arguments with a response from one of the new Democrat (sic) macho men, freshman Senator Jim Webb.

Gibson showed a clip of Webb saying "an adjustment is not a strategy. A strategy is something where you can clearly articulate an end point, and that's what we have not seen from this administration." (Does he mean the end point or the clear articulation? Hard to tell.)

This graphic appeared to further reinforce the victimhood:


Gibson continued to refer to Webb as the "macho Senator" as the chyron below read "Macho Dem gets ready to pounce on (Bush's) speech."

Gibson finally got around to giving Webb some respect, telling his viewers that he is a decorated Viet Nam vet (unfortunately, in their zeal to smear John Kerry that honor has lost a great deal of its value for Bush lovers) and a former Secretary of the Navy, and that he wears his son's Iraq combat boots.

Later in the segment Gibson asked Schwarz if Nancy Pelosi, seated behind Bush and next to Cheney, was going to be able to behave, or will we see her rolling her eyes? Will she stand and applaud for anything?

Overall there was a lot of good information from Schwarz, about the content of Webb's response and the Democrats' intnets for the coming year, marred only by Gibson's ridiculous Democrat-bashing snide remarks. This is NOT the way Republicans are treated or the language used describing them. Fair and balanced? No way.

Note that John Gibson thrice used the incorrect and illiterate "Democrat" rather than the proper "Democratic" - I've heard this is done deliberately as a dig, but all it accomplishes is making the speaker look ignorant. Bring it on!