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FOX News Reporter Claims That Democrats and Republicans Have Joined With Al Qaeda to Protest the Bush Surge Plan

Reported by Marie Therese - January 23, 2007 -

President George Bush is set to deliver the State of the Union speech tonight. In light of mounting opposition from both sides of the aisle, he will try to justify his arguments for escalating the war in Iraq. Bush is going into this speech with virtually no support from Democrats and growing dissatisfaction from Republicans. He really needed an eleventh hour save, something to make the American people believe that he is right and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Iraq Study Group and the majority of Congress are dead wrong. Guess what? In another amazing piece of serendipity, a new Al Qaeda tape has surfaced! Trust FOX News Channel to be right there, spinning the news like a top.

On FOX News Live this morning, correspondent Kelly Wright, who is also an evangelical minister, gospel singer and co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend, reported on the new tape. Wright made sure that the audience all knew that those despicable members of the Democratic and Republican parties who are against George Bush are on the same side as Ayman al Zawahiri. While he gave the following report, FOX aired old clips of al Zawahiri interspersed with clips of American soldiers on patrol in Iraq.


JOHN SCOTT, anchor, FOX News Live: As President Bush prepares to promote his new plan for success in Iraq tonight on national television, al Qaeda's number two guy has a rant of his own. The tape comes from Ayman al Zawahiri. He's calling on Americans to reject President Bush's Iraq policy. Kelly Wright has the latest, live, from Washington. Kelly.

KELLY WRIGHT: Yeah, John, it's unbelievable, if you really think about what's being said here. President Bush's plan for Iraq faces some opposition now, as we know, from Democrats and Republicans and, now, joining the chorus of those critics, the deputy leader of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda's number two leader, Ayman al Zawahiri, appears in a video posted on the internet. He mocks President Bush on his decision to send more troops to Iraq to help improve the country's security. Zawahiri taunts President Bush saying "Why send twenty thousand only? Why not send fifty or a hundred thousand?" He then adds quote "Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?" Adding more to his rant, Zawahiri dares President Bush to send the entire U. S. army to Iraq, saying that the Mujahideen is capable of destroying the euivalent of ten armies. Amid all of his rhetoric, however, the surge of U. S. troops has already begun, with the first wave of soldiers arriving in Baghdad on Monday.

At this point FOX posted a new chryon: ZAWAHIRI: 21,500 NEW TROOPS IN IRAQ WON'T BE ENOUGH! I thought to myself. Hey, that's just what Bill Kristol and Dick Cheney have been saying all along. Isn't it convenient that al Zawahiri would materialize right now and make the sort of na-na-na-na-na threats children make on the playground?

KELLY WRIGHT: Meantime, the man to be General and Commander of Multi-National Forces Iraq will defend the surge when he appears for a confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee today. Lt. Gen. David Petraeus faces tough questioning about Iraq. The General once led the effort to train Iraqi security forces. He also wrote the Pentagon's manual on how to tackle insurgencies. He has pointed out that mistakes have been made in Iraq, among them, dismantling the Iraqi army and sending too few U. S. troops. ...

Al Qaeda's best friend in Iraq is President George W. Bush. Prior to the invasion, Al Qaeda could only get support from the northern Kurds. Now, post-invasion, Iraq is a terrorist training ground.

The last thing on earth that Al Qaeda wants is the departure of the Americans. No Americans would mean no "foreign occupiers", no easily identifiable targets of opportunity, no "decadent westerners" to use as fodder for recruiting speeches.

Without an American presence in Iraq, Al Qaeda's support would drop like a stone.

Later FOX News aired a clip of Gen Petraeus responding to a question by Sen. John McCain, asking him what would happen if we left Iraq within four to six months. Petraeus' answer was yet another example of the fine art of giving an answer that is so filled with the words "possibility" and "might" and ""could be" that one is left with the distinct impression that you're in a hall of mirrors, trying to find "reality" in a sea of fakes.

VIDEO CLIP OF GEN DAVID PETRAEUS (Senate Armed Services Committee, January 23, 2007): "Well, sir, I think that sectarian groups would obviously begin to stake out their turf, try to expand their turf. They would do that by greatly incrased ethnic cleansing. There is the very real possibility of involvement of countries from elsewhere in the region around Iraq, entering Iraq to take sides with one or the other groups. There is the possibility, certainly, of a - an international terrorist organization truly getting a grip on some substantial piece of Iraq. "

Note that Petraeus did not give the names of the terrorist organizations.. He did not specify exactly which section of Iraq might fall to terrorists. And he made extensive use of the word "possibility". It's like a lawyer trying to sway a jury through reasonable doubt. It still means that George Bush and David Petraeus are asking us to trust them and send men to die based on surmise and conjecture, when the reality is staring us in the face. The insurgents have changed their tactics in the past week. They are targeting Americans with more accuracy and deadlier weapons, even masquerading as Americans in stolen uniforms. This does not bode well for future operations.

The lessons of history are that no conquering force, no matter how large and well-equipped, can maintain permanent control over a country that does not want to be occupied. Those of us who opposed this war knew that from the beginning. Now the rest of the country is catching on.

John Scott then asked former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card Card to respond to Petraeus' comments, which he did as follows:

ANDREW CARD: "I think the General is telling us what the truth is and that is we cannot afford to abandon Iraq as we're making progress to having it be a full ally in the war on terror and an ally in finding democracy for people so that they can have a government of their own and that they will meet the responsibilities to protect themselves. So I think it would be horrendous for us to have a deadline by which we said we were gonna leave Iraq without accomplishing the mission. And the mission is to make sure that Al Qaeda and the other terrorist groups find no safe haven in Iraq from which to attack us and that there is a government in Iraq that can provide its own security and meet the needs of its people. And we're committed to doing that."


So, Andy Card is saying the same thing that Dick Cheney said. We're gonna win but it might take as long as 40 years.

It's cost us $360 billion dollars to date for this war. That's $90 billion a year.

The issue becomes whether or not Americans are willing to allow this government to commit us to a very long war that would bankrupt this nation.

I say "no, thank you, President Bush." It's time to admit we have failed, enlist the help of other nations in the region and in Europe to help us extricate ourselves as best as possible and, then, bring our soldiers home.