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Bill Kristol Says "We Have Some Ethnic Cleansing" Like It's Not A Big Deal In Iraq

Reported by Donna - January 23, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with Bill Kristol about the plan for the troop escalation in Iraq. Kristol was all pro Bush in his comments and even tried to tried to make out like it wasn't a big deal, the violence going on in Iraq right now.

Kristol said that Petreus was a strong witness this morning and said that we didn't need resolutions saying we don't need more troops, that would demoralize our troops over there.

Smith asked Kristol why the American people should give it another chance this time.

Kristol said that the strategy had been changed. He said the commanders had been replaced and they had a new classic counter insurgency strategy and that Petreus had a good record.

Smith asked if it was reasonable to think that between the Sunni and the Shia our soldiers could establish a new government that could sustain itself. Kristol said that "absolutely" this could be done. Kristol continued that we didn't have two massed armies going at each other, we had some ethnic cleansing going on. We needed to suppress that but it was still doable at this point.

Kristol said we didn't have a civil war at this point but were headed for it. He said the insurgents didn't really control anything that much to launch any serious attacks on US troops. They were just killing troops with IED's.

Smith asked Kristol about a Plan B if this doesn't work and Kristol was evasive. He finally said that miitarily they did have contingency plans. He said they could get the American people's faith back by having progress on the ground.

Comments: Another unfair and unbalanced report from Fox. One side only. Kristol was just a talking head for the policies of the Bush Administration in Iraq.