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A Biased, Unbalanced Review of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Announcement

Reported by Ellen - January 23, 2007 -

In the wake of Hillary Clinton's announcement that she'll run for president, Hannity & Colmes hosted (who else?) Dick Morris for a double segment of his special brand of analysis when it comes to the Clintons. Morris has already declared he has a Swift-Boat type campaign against her in the works. But “fair and balanced” FOX News saw no need for a guest to counter his blatant bias.

Morris told Alan Colmes that he’s making a 90-minute film which, according to Morris will “play in real movie theaters in all of the early primary states.” Furthermore, Morris plans to go to those states and give speeches introducing the film. “We’re going to really showcase the inaccuracies of everything that this woman has said.” He said there will be about 30 different shots of her, “each with a different hair color, each with a different accent, each with a different affect, each with a different approach.”

Despite Morris’ crowing, it’s unlikely he has a distribution deal for the movie. Just last week he was seeking donations to finance the film. (H/T to Jim Gilliam). The incomparably wise and wonderful Gilliam, a documentary film producer, himself, (he produced Outfoxed), also advised in an email that “anyone can buy a theater (or thirty) for a week and run their movie.”

Some might say that Dick Morris isn’t someone who should be throwing stones about someone else’s inaccuracies. Even Colmes wondered aloud if Morris has a “credibility problem.” Morris took that opportunity to apologize to Barack Obama for saying that Obama voted against prohibiting family members on a candidate’s payroll. But Morris never apologized for saying that Obama did it to stay in Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s good graces.

But those were mistakes about the past. When it comes to predicting the future, Morris’ record is even worse. For example, he predicted that Bush’s approval ratings would soar in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; In the fall of 2005, Morris claimed we were winning the war in Iraq. “We’re winning, we’re accomplishing our objective and we will succeed,” he said. “It's a major transformation to a consensus for democracy." He also argued that Hillary’s 22-point lead over her then-rival Jeanine Pirro meant Clinton was in trouble with her Senatorial re-election campaign.

Morris’ current prediction is that Clinton may win the presidency, albeit via another crackpot theory. According to Morris, Clinton's “ace in the hole” is that voter turnout has been rising among single women who, in Morris’ view, will likely end up voting for Clinton. Attention single women in early-primary states: You may be targets for aggressive marketing of Morris' new movie.

Morris told Sean Hannity that Clinton would not give interviews while she was in the White House unless the questions were prescreened. “When she went on her book tour, she would do talk radio shows and the hosts were told ‘You can’t ask this and you can’t ask this.’ …The only shows she would go on are the ones where people agreed to that in advance… She even announced (her presidential bid) on the internet so that nobody could ask her questions.”

When it was Colmes’ turn again, he said he had interviewed Hillary while she was First Lady and he was a “relatively unknown” radio host. “There were no pre-questions, no preconditions. I’ve interviewed her a few times since, no preconditions, no pre-questions.”

Morris insisted that was an anomaly.

The interview ended with a new prediction from Morris: “I would give you 9 out of 10 that the Democrats are gonna win the ’08 election for president and I’d give you 7 out of 10 that the candidate’s gonna be Hillary. I’ve said from the very beginning that this woman is the next president of the United States.”

I wouldn’t bet on it.

You can watch the video on FOXNews.com.