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Republican Strategist Says We Must See Success In A Couple Of Weeks In Iraq Or Start Withdrawing Troops

Reported by Donna - January 22, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with Karen Hanretty, Republican Stategist and Kelly Bingel, Democratic Strategist about the Democratic candidates for president in 2008.

While Hanretty tried to put the blame for any further problems with the war in Iraq on the newly elected Democratic majority, Bingel said it was Bush's war, it had been his war for four years and had always been his war.

The following is a partial transcript between Shepard Smith and Republican Karen Hanretty on the Republicans stance on the president's war in Iraq.

Karen Hanretty: If there are not some clear successes in the next couple of weeks, I think that Senate Republicans, congressional Republicans, really have no choice but to come out and start giving their own proposals.

Shepard Smith: And say we don't fund this anymore? Say, Mr. President we demand? Say what, exactly?

Karen Hanretty: I think say that it's time to begin pulling the troops out and putting in the hands of the Iraqis and let them deal with the consequences. I think that's not the correct, exact, terminology or phraseology but I think it will be something like that. They will start calling for our troops to start withdrawing, coming home, setting benchmarks, setting timetables. All the things that we haven't wanted to do over the past couple of years.

I think you wil see if there aren't some immediate successes and the other thing is, yes, President Bush has been branded with this war (Comment: It is his war) but another reason is I don't think it's such a bad idea that Republicans are kinda keeping their heads down now is that the Democrats have been elected as a majority in this country and both houses. It is incumbent upon them to provide some solutions and you know what? Cutting funding is one of the solutions and yet they're divided in their own party and if you didn't have Hillary and Barack Obama stealing all the thunder right now, that would be the main story. Democrats are divided over what to do with this war.

Shepard Smith: You know what? I think we all are. I think there's evidence on Capitol Hill that Republicans are divided, Democrats are divided and hopefully we're all hoping that something is going to get better.

Comments: You heard it. The Republican stategist said that if successes didn't start happening in the next couple of weeks then the Republicans had to look at withdrawing the troops.

I like how Hanretty tried to place all the responsibility for this war on the Democrats. The Democrats did not get us to this point in the war and they are not calling for a surge in troops. There are even Republicans who oppose the surge.

So, there you have it, if no great successes in the next couple of weeks we can look to start withdrawing troops. After all, we had over a hundred people killed today in Iraq and 25 U.S. military killed on Saturday, the 3rd deadliest day since the war began for U.S. troops. Straight from the Republican's strategist mouth.