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John Gibson Is Worried About His Future In Radio

Reported by Deborah - January 22, 2007 -

John Gibson sounded pretty anxious during his MY Word segment entitled ,"Welcome To Democratland". It seems Gibson suddenly realized that the Democratic Congress is actually making changes that will threaten his right wing universe and the thing he seemed most concerned about was the possibility that The Fairness Doctrine will be restored.

According to Gibson, " it will soon be illegal to run a conservative talk show." He went on to describe the Fairness Doctrine making it sound like an ancient and ridiculous concept to even consider eliminating partisan commentary( conservative only, of course).

"Let's go over the first. Long ago and far away, people like me used to live under something called the Fairness Doctrine. This was a FCC rule that opinion had to be presented with its counter opinion. So television and radio was essentially a discussion punctuated by the anchor or host saying "and now for the other side of the issue..."

Gibson claimed the Fairness Doctrine went away because new radio stations and conservative shows suddenly appeared and then of course came "fair and balanced" Fox News. Blaming the horrid Democrats who want to bring back ethical journalism, he said,

"Well, now Democrats have had enough of all that and they want the old rules reimposed. And Congressman Maurice Hinchey of New York says bluntly: Right wing media must be stopped."

Gibson didn't bother to mention that in 1987 Congress voted to make the Fairness Doctrine a law but Ronald Reagan vetoed it. Once again the attempt was repeated but this time George Bush vetoed the legislation.