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If The Media Doesn't Trumpet All the Good Stuff Bush Says About the Economy Tuesday Night, It's Because They're Lying Liberals

Reported by Melanie - January 22, 2007 -

Dan Gainor, the Director of the Media Research Center's Business & Media Institute was a guest today (January 22, 2007) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Gainor's appearance seemed to be a preemptive one, designed to prepare Cavuto's audience for media criticism of (or silence on) the lies George Bush will tell about the glorious state of our economy tomorrow in his State of the Union address.

Cavuto promoted the segment several times, using graphics like "Money Lie$?" but when it came time to introduce Gainor, the graphic on the screen was (another "Cavuto") "Media Lie$?":

Well, you've heard me say it before, my next guest is saying it again. This economy is strong. Very strong. You'll hear the President say it tomorrow night but if this guy is right, you will never read about it in the papers on Wednesday or Thursday or any day. He is Dan Gainor. Dan is the Director of the Media Research Center's Business and Media Institute.

Why is that? We do have a strong economy. This is isn't a political viewpoint. We do!


Well, of course we do but if you look at how the networks covered the economy last year, on average almost every week they were either comparing or contrasting to a recession or the Great Depression. A couple of the network broadcasts actually used video of...people in soup lines.

Cavuto, ever the facilitator to those on his side, wondered if, "it's an agenda."

Gainor said, "Oh, absolutely...as long as there's a conservative or a Republican in the White House then you're going to overlook all of the good economic news. You can almost just pick whatever good news you want to choose from. My Washington Post the other day had a headline on the business section. It said, 'inflation is the lowest in three years.'

Cavuto: "Is there just this cynicism on the part of most journalists to just report the bad...if it bleeds it leads?"

Gainor: "I really wish it was that way because then no matter who ends up in the White House...you get the same kind of media coverage. But that's not the case." In 2004, "we compared how the media covered that time with how they covered it when Clinton ran for reelection -- similar economic time periods -- ...but the media coverage for Clinton is so overwhelmingly positive."

Citing no evidence to back his claim, Cavuto said, because "most journalists are Democrat or liberal, that they would...unconsciously make these decisions to make it look good for the Democrats?" Gainor said it was a "little bit of both," but that journalists, "don't really understand all the components of a good economy."

Cavuto pointed out that there have been a lot of lay-offs in the media industry and wondered if, "they're taking it out on the rest of us."

Gainor said, "All politics is local and if you feel your industry's in deep trouble it's gonna be reflected in your reporting, so of course."

Comment: Give me some names! Give me some dates! Anyway folks, the message is that if you can't afford health insurance; if all the adults in your house are working and you're poorer than you were 10 or 15 years ago; if you see no end in sight to your ever-increasing monthly payments for the "basics" like food, gas/electricity, water, phone, car insurance, and cable THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! because the economy's strong, "very strong." And if your media doesn't reinforce whatever Bush says about that tomorrow night then they're lying liberals, Democrats, hiding the wonderful news so Bush will fail, and they're screwing you. You're fine, you just don't know it -- because of them. They're to blame.