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Carl Cameron Says People Won't Vote For Senator Clinton Either Because She's A Woman Or Because She Is Hillary Clinton

Reported by Donna - January 22, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he had a segment with Republican Strategist, Ron Kaufmann and Democratic Strategist, Bob Beckel. Kaufmann seemed eager to say that Senator Clinton was the front runner while Beckel said he didn't think that Clinton would win the Democratic nomination.

Later on in the show, Fox correspondent, Carl Cameron, weighed in on the issue.

Kaufmann said that Clinton's biggest disability was her husband. Beckel said that there were people who would die to have Bill Clinton president over Bush.

But perhaps the most partisan remarks came from Fox itself with their own correspondant, Carl Cameron saying that Democrats wouldn't vote for Senator Clinton either because she's a woman or because she's Hillary Clinton.

Comment: Leave it to Fox to bring sexist remarks into the venue. Fox doesn't miss an opportunity to put down Senator Clinton as is pronounced by the remarks of Carl Cameron.