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Fred Barnes Claims Global Warming is " Marginal"

Reported by Deborah - January 21, 2007 -

The Beltway Boys were forced to acknowledge the issue of global warming but neither Mort Kondracke or Fred Barnes acted like it was a major problem. Kondracke almost apologized to Barnes when he mentioned that 2006 was the warmest on record saying the majority of scientists believe it's from CO2 emissions saying to Barnes, " I know you don't believe this."

Kondracke suggested that we should try a cap on emissions and trade system adding quickly that it doesn't have to be immediate. Barnes didn't agree claiming that energy independence was more important because " we're funding our enemies." Then Barnes suggested we should choose to emit more CO2 developing our own oil and coal industries because gobal warming is "marginal" Barnes said we shouldn't have those caps and Kondracke agreed.

One year ago, Fred Barnes brazenly claimed on the Beltway Boys that he was keeping his three SUVs and global warming was still considered an unmentionable topic. Although he now acknowledges it as a "marginal" problem, he still couldn't care less about dealing with the problem. I wonder if he still has three SUV's?