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"Special Report" Spinning Opinion Polls

Reported by Janie - January 19, 2007 -

During "Special Report" last night (1/18), host Brit Hume reported on a new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll released this week, and told viewers that President Bush had a higher approval rating that the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. As usual, Hume wasn't telling the whole story.

During the "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine" segment) Hume had this to say:

"The president's favorable rating was 38 percent in the latest poll — down five percent from October. But that was higher than the number for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who came in at 33 percent."

Of course, this is does not paint a true picture of what the poll found.

According to the poll, Bush's approval rating is 38%, but his disapproval rating is 58%.

Pelosi's approval number is 33%, but her unfavorable is only 24%, with selecting 23% "Can't say", and includes 20% who have "Never Heard" of her.

These numbers paint a slightly different picture than what Hume was attempting to insinuate.